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Shaved? Trimmed? Natural?


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37 minutes ago, glennnnn said:

What's your pleasure for the hair around your pleasure?  Feel free to be descriptive and/or send me a photo 🤩

I trim a little and shave my balls occasionally.  Im wondering if there 's a trend toward a natural bush - I'm encountering men who prefer it.  My husband likes me natural and keeping him happy is always a priority.

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15 minutes ago, CJK said:


And don't get me started on men who shave their pits or chests. I like a man who feels like a man, smells like a man and looks like a man. 


I shave both pits and chest. Shaving pits helps cut down on odor from sweat and my chest is not that hairy, so it's no big loss. And pubes can do with a little manscaping, too.

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I guess, for me, too much hair on any part of the body seems like it might just be a sweaty, smelly thicket.....shaved/waxed/trimmed-up pubes and balls definitely look neat and groomed, but always leave a "normal"-looking amount above the dick, please and thank you! ........too much butt hair brings visions of dingleberries (yeah, I know!!)......

mostly, I just want a dude to be very clean, showered, and looking sharp......  

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