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  • About Company of Men


    The primary goal of this site is to provide information to the gay male massage community including providers and clients.  Information found on this site is designed to ensure that those who are involved in these activities can have the best massage experiences possible, avoid violence, remain healthy, find community services, and have access to a supportive community.  Although this site was originally designed to address services in the United States, over time it has become an international community.  

    We want to provide members with the greatest possible freedom while at the same time respecting the operational needs of this site, the legal framework within which it operates, and the kinds of common decency that govern human interaction worldwide. We recognize the inherent worth of all those who come here. We will always strive to treat each person with dignity and respect and without favoritism. In return, we ask that members abide by our rules that can be found in our Guidelines at the bottom of each page.


    Message Forum A major component of this site is the message forum, which is comprised of various subforums. Each forum is described on the top page. Some forums are limited to certain kinds of posts. We ask all posters to respect these limits, since doing so will help us use the message forum more efficiently. 


    Site News provides updates about Company of Men such as expected down times or new features that are being introduced.

    Features & Feedback provides members the opportunity to provide feedback and find answers about some of the features of this site.  

    General Discussion

    The Lounge is open to threads of any general nature.  Discussions about politics, war, and religion belong in the “Political Issues” forum. Similarly, discussions about technology belong in the “Tech Talk” forum.

    Men’s Health is an open conversation about diet, health, and medical issues.

    Daddy’s Den

    The Deli is an area to discuss escorts.  This is not a place for reviews of escorts, which can be submitted in the Reviews section of the site.  

    The Spa is an area to discuss masseurs and other spa services, such as body grooming.  This is not a place for reviews of masseurs, which can be submitted in the Reviews section of this site.

    Ask a Provider provides members to ask escorts and masseurs questions and allow for their responses.

    Male Strip Clubs is an area for reviews, discussions, and travel tips about male strip clubs and gay bars.

    Fetish Forum is a discussion of fetishes and fantasies.

    Cumming Attractions is a place to discuss pornography and the porn industry. It is a Members Only area that requires a user to be logged in to read content and submit comments. 

    Media & Entertainment

    Political Issues is the area for discussion about politics, religion, and war. 

    Comedy & Tragedy provides a forum for discussion of the arts with separate subforums for movies, television and streaming services, live theater, music, and opera.  

    Legacy Gallery is a place for coffee table photos that are not explicit.

    The Sports Desk is a place for sports enthusiasts to share their interest is sports.

    Literature provides a forum for discussion for all that is literary.  

    Tech Talk is a place for techno nerds’ discussions.


    Traveling Providers provides an area for providers to let members know of their travel plans.

    The Travel Desk is a forum for members to share their travel plans, ask questions about their destinations, and discuss any travel-related concerns and issues.

    The Americas, Europe, and Africa/Asia/Australia are areas for discussions of escorts in those respective geographies.

    Street Scenes is a discussion of street scenes throughout the world.

    Back Office

    Ask a Moderator provides members with an opportunity for a private discussion with the moderators.  This is the place for your questions about Company of Men and our guidelines.

    Reviews – This database of providers allows registered members of Company of Men to submit reviews of escorts and providers of massage services.  The reviews are open to all registered and non-registered individuals to enjoy. 

    Gallery – Photo and video sharing area

    Public Images can be reviewed by non-registered readers and contains non-explicit images.  

    Pornography is a Members Only area that is restricted to registered members of Company of Men.  This area may include photos of an explicit nature. 

    Clubs – An area that allows registered members of Company of Men with common interest to gather.  Clubs are often geographically based.

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