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Company of Men Guidelines
Revised June 15, 2022


Access is available to those individuals who agree to the following terms:

  • I am at least 18 years old and I will not allow any minor to access this website.
  • Materials of an LGBTQ nature are not illegal to view in my community or locale. 
  • I wish to receive, and am not offended by, LGBTQ content.
  • The owner(s), administrator(s), and moderator(s) of this website cannot be held responsible for my actions and I release them from all liability.
  • I will neither facilitate nor advocate any criminal act while participating in this website. 
  • I will follow all rules outlined below.
  • I am responsible for keeping abreast of changes to rules and guidelines.

By posting you are granting us a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your content. You retain copyright over the content. However, we reserve the right to modify or delete any post or thread that violates the rules or is, in our sole opinion, inappropriate for inclusion in these shared conversations.

The views expressed on the website are wholly those of the members who post them and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, policies, or procedures of the site’s owners, administrators, and/or moderators.


About Us: Each person who comes here brings a unique background and a unique point of view. Some are seeking a rough-and-tumble free-for-all that knows no limits, while others prefer a gentler, more refined conversation, and still others are seeking support and assistance. Our community has traditionally been open and generous toward those in need, quick to offer a kind word, or even a lifeline. Completely unrestrained conversations discourage many from joining us, including those most in need of our help. These rules ensure that Company of Men and its discussion forums remain accessible to all while also allowing individuals to express themselves freely.

Moderation: Company of Men is moderated by volunteer moderators who may act when necessary to enforce these rules. They do so on behalf of all and their actions may include deleting or moving a thread or deleting or editing a post.

Editing and Deleting Content: We all make mistakes. If you discover that one of your posts violates a rule or contains information you would like removed, you can edit the post during the first twenty-four hours. If the time allowed to edit the post has passed, use the Report link to alert the moderators and include a comment about why you are reporting the post. A moderator will take the appropriate action.

We reserve the right to modify these rules. Changes will be published to the “Guidelines” section and will be announced to website users. If you have questions or concerns about the rules or about the actions of a moderator, please post them to the “Ask a Moderator” forum.


1.     Conduct yourself in a way that respects this site and all who come here.

2.     Explicit content is permitted only in areas designated as “Members Only.” Members may post pornographic and/or explicit content only in areas of the site that are not available to guests. These areas are labeled “Members Only.”

3.     Pedophilia and child pornography are illegal and are not tolerated here in any form. If you are tempted to post something that crosses this line or that you think may even potentially cross the line, do not do so. Violations of this rule may result in the poster being permanently banned from Company of Men.

4.     Hateful speech is not allowed. Members are not permitted to use hate speech, call names, or label people/groups of people. Wishing death upon and/or celebrating the death of individuals or groups is considered a form of hate speech.

5.     Attacks against other people are not allowed. Members are free to criticize the opinions of others but are not permitted to attack other members, groups of members, or people who are the topic of discussion. This includes threatening/advocating violence or harm toward others, including self-harm or death.

6.     Libel is not allowed. Libel is a false publication, as in writing, print, signs, or pictures, which damages a person's reputation.   

7.     No personal information may be posted about other posters, escorts, and/or masseurs. This includes all information that does or could identify a person, including photographs, links to social media, or specific information such as addresses and phone numbers.

 NOTE: Personal information that an individual has publicly provided may be allowed in some cases, such as a first name included in an advertisement or a link to a provider’s profile.

 8.     Trolling is not allowed: Trolling is the act of making disruptive and/or controversial comments with the intent to provoke an emotional reaction from other members, often resulting in a fight or argument. When trolling is encountered, ignore the content. In other words, “don’t feed the troll.”

9.     Remain on-topic. Members are not allowed to change the discussion to a topic of their choosing.

10.  Advertising without prior permission is not allowed. Members may include links to their escort or masseur sites in their signature lines. Traveling escorts and masseurs may post their travel plans in the “Traveling Providers” forum following the guidelines for that forum.  Requests to advertise on the site should be posted to the “Ask a Moderator” forum.

11.  The public forums are not an appropriate venue for criticizing the staff or ownership of the site. Questions and/or concerns about a moderation action should be posted to the “Ask a Moderator” forum.  

12.  All posts are to be made in English to allow all members to participate in the conversation.  While we realize the message forum is part of the global community and we respect all cultures and languages, we are not able to support a multi-lingual site. 

NOTE: Members may use non-English words that are generally accepted in conversation.

13.  Quotes, links, and images should meet "fair use" guidelines and support a member's opinion, but not replace it. Posts containing quotes and/or links to off-site content should include the poster's own comments supporting their relevance. Avoid copying/pasting off-site content unless it is short and/or can be summarized. Instead, post a link to the content. Always credit the source and ensure you have the right to post the content. Do not post content (including text and images) from sites that retain copyright over the content.

14.  Post in the correct section.  Read the description of each section and make sure your post fits within the description. When in doubt, post a question in the “Ask a Moderator” forum. Political and religious content and commentary are only allowed in the Political Issues forum. Explicit content is only permitted in non-public locations, such as the Members Only gallery or closed clubs. Additionally, many sections are restricted to certain themes or topics and many have section-specific rules which you agree to follow. The moderators may move threads from one section to another when they deem it necessary to preserve the integrity of the forums. When there is a question as to where a thread belongs in, the moderators will try to respect the intentions of the original thread creator.

15.  Posts may neither facilitate nor advocate criminal acts.  Discussions of pending legislation that redefine the current legality of a topic, such as legalization of recreational marijuana use, may be respectfully discussed in the “Political Issues” forum.

16.  The rules of Company of Men apply to private messages. This site includes a feature for members to exchange private messages. Although those private messages are not moderated, the rules for the Forum still apply. Additionally, unsolicited explicit content may not be sent via private messages.

17.  The rules of Company of Men apply to signature lines.  This site includes a feature for members to create a custom signature that displays as part of all content they create within all forums. Because political and religious content is not permitted outside of the “Political Issues” forum, political and religious content, such as political affiliation and/or references to a deity or religion, is prohibited in signature lines. Listing the names of members who are being ignored is also prohibited in signature lines. Lastly, signatures should be kept short (no more than seven lines of text) and be rendered a format that an average user would find easy to read.



1.     Reviews may only be submitted by the individual who hired the provider(s). A provider may not post a review of themselves, including a review they have received on another site. An individual who hired a provider, however, may post a review they have posted elsewhere.

2.     Reviews may only be submitted for sessions that occurred. Reviews may not be submitted for communications with a provider that did not lead to an appointment nor for appointments that were scheduled and subsequently cancelled.

3.     Reviews should reflect the actual experience. The review may be as explicit, either directly or through inuendo, as the reviewer is comfortable providing.

4.     Massage reviews must not jeopardize the masseur’s licensing. In localities where massage licensing is required (or available), there are often specific requirements that a provider must follow to maintain a license. An example would be ‘no sex with clients.’  Make sure not to share info about a provider’s services that may go above what is permitted by their specific licensing. 

5.     Providers must be 18 years of age to be reviewed. Any reviews of minors with result in the reviews being removed and the reviewer being banned from the site.

6.     No photos or videos of the session may be included with the review without the permission of the provider.

7.     The provider will be able to provide a response to the review submitted. Other members’ comments about a review may be posted in the Deli.

8.     Statistics about the provider should match what the provider displays in their ad. Note any observed differences in the body of the review.

9.     All other rules for Company of Men apply to the Reviews Section.



1.        While membership in a club can be limited, the limitations must be based on the nature of the club. For example, a club for Kankakee, IL can be limited to residents of Kankakee. Company of Men does not permit any form of discrimination. This includes the nature of a club (e.g., a “Catholics Only” club would not be permitted).

2.        “Owners” may establish rules for the club, such as restricting topics to be discussed in the club. 

3.        Explicit photos are only permitted if the club is a “closed membership” club.

4.        Clubs, like other website sections, are moderated. As such, all rules for Company of Men will apply to the Clubs.  


1.     Reporting Violations: If you believe a post violates the rules, please report it by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of that post’s message box and choose “Report.” Provide a description of how the post violates these rules and submit it. Reports submitted without a description may be rejected. Moderators will review all reports.

2.     Handling Violations: In some instances, the moderators may need to take action to correct a rule violation, such as moving the post to a more appropriate thread, editing the post to comply with the rules, deleting the post in its entirety, or even locking a thread from further posts.  These actions will be taken in accordance with the rules and without favoritism or bias toward any poster or individual.

3.     Warning System: The website operates on a points-based system. Each violation is assessed a point value. Typically, first violations are assessed zero points, second violations are assessed five points, and third violations and above are assessed ten to twenty points each. As a member receives warnings, the points total increases. As warning points expire, they are subtracted from the total. When the accumulated points exceed the following thresholds, the member will be temporarily banned for the indicated period:

  • 30 points: 1 week
  • 35 points: 2 weeks
  • 40 points: 1 month
  • 50 points: 2 months
  • 60 points: 3 months
  • 70 points: 4 months
  • 80 points: 5 months
  • 90 points: 6 months

Members who have questions about a warning they have received should submit them to the “Ask a Moderator” forum.

Members with multiple warnings in the Political Issues forum may be banned from that forum at the discretion of the site moderators. In extreme circumstances, it may be necessary to permanently ban a member (regardless of where the offending behavior occurred).  

Members who wish to appeal bans should submit requests using the Contact Us link at the bottom of each screen so that the dispute can be reviewed. Please explain (in as much detail as possible) why you feel the ban was unwarranted. Staff will review the appeal, and typically the decision will be made within a few days unless we have more questions for you.

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