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RIP Guy Fawkes/daddy


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I am very sorry to report that Guy Fawkes/daddy passed away this evening of heart failure. For over a month he remained in the hospital unconscious and on life support.


His passing touches us all. He was a man who dedicated his life to providing a Forum where men would feel free and comfortable talking about all sorts of topics that covered our life style.


Having worked with daddy since he started this site I got to see first hand how much he cared about people and viewed us as his family. He was a very bright man with a love for life. He will be missed.


RIP Daddy/Guy Fawkes


With sympathy,


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To hear this definitely knocks the wind out of you-especially since I had the chance to meet him once or twice. I really don't know what I would have done without this site. Aside from actually having met Daddy, this site (and Muscle Service Station) provided me with two people who ended up becoming my best friends for around 10 years. We lived 100's of miles apart and only met in person a few times. But they were invaluable to me. And without this site (and Muscle Service Station), I never would have met them. And that's not even counting the fact that if it weren't for this site I might have remained a virgin forever.



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I'm very, very sorry to learn of this. I would like to add my thanks to Cooper who kept us all informed.


(And to add my thanks to all of the admin's, whose participation most likely a substantial part of why the site continued to

survive for so many years).


I'm grateful for the many wonderful acquaintanceships I've made here.

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For the last several weeks I have come to this site expecting this news and was then relieved when it was not here. I was just heading to bed and decided I would check again, just to be sure. Unfortunately, this time, my expectation was met

I hope that in his life, he had a sense of the important role he played in the life of many of the men of this site.

I had the opportunity to meet him at the Palm Springs Party and found him to be a caring man but to me, he was more than a bit sad. It my sincere hope that he found joy in his life, satisfaction in his work and companionship in times of need. I also hope that in his passing he will be remembered as a hard working and dedicated individual who held this site together and who, as a result of that, held us together.

It seems that we will all soon need to move on with our lives without the comfort and joy this site brings. When we miss this site, we should also take time to consider and thank the man who worked so diligently to bring it to us.

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Daddy was a mentor and a friend. When I was just starting out, he gave me advice on my advertising: what photos to include and not to include, text of the ad, and how to handle appointments. He really enjoyed mentoring us guys.


My favorite time was meeting with him several years ago for lunch at a casino restaurant he enjoyed frequenting in Vegas. He flirted shamelessly with the waiter, and more or less held court. We were there for hours, and I just thought to myself, just sit back and enjoy the ride. He seemed to be in his element.


Like so many others here, this site has been a huge part of my life. I've learned so much, been entertained, and met great friends. I, and we, owe so much to him.



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