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Is Bradley Cooper's prosthetic nose comparable to doing blackface?


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OP note: I know this articles are from April but the movie is not even finished and I'm sure this subject will come back again. Are some folks being too sensitive? 

I'm not sure if considering this subject is based on a movie should be on here or in the movie section. If you think so please report it to the Mgt. 


Criticism focuses on the change to the appearance of the actor who directs, co-writes and stars in Maestro, biopic of the conductor and composer



Some on social media criticized the film, which Cooper co-wrote, produced and directed, after Netflix dropped a trailer for the biopic Tuesday.


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2 hours ago, BenjaminNicholas said:

His family is fine with it, thus it's a non-issue.

You're right. No other Jewish people exist (nor would their feelings matter if there were). And I can't think of any reason at all that the family would be fine with it...


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Our people have had to deal with much, much worse over the course of 3,000 years. A bit of foam latex is nothing. 

"It happens to be true that Leonard Bernstein had a nice, big nose," explained his three children in a statement. 👃

On the other hand, a real issue would have occurred if the prosthesis has been created as a hooked "beak" nose that mimics age-old, anti-semitic tropes. 

The $$ signs don't help matters. 🙄

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Actors act bringing the role to life. Make up and costumes bring a touchstone to the characterization. There is nothing more to this than that.  He is Jewish and he has a big nose.  Perhaps the real issue here is why do people necessarily believe that they gave him a large nose because he was Jewish.  Now if he did not have a big nose, then I would be fine with questioning it.  If he does a nude scene, are they assuring that his penis is appropriately Jewish?

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I am.confused.

Has the make up department never added characteristics to an actor to have him look.more like the subject he is portraying?

Should only actors with a big nose be considered?

This attitude that you need to be like the characters you're playing runs against the whole idea of acting..

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By the way, in one of those photos he has a huge chin, not at all the rounded chin Bernstein is shown to have.  Did Leonard have a sharp pointy chin in his youth.  I have vague memories of seeing him on TV in his younger days and those memories do not include that pointy chin.  

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4 minutes ago, Unicorn said:

This issue is that Bradley Cooper's (natural) nose, according to the photos, looks more like LB's did at the age he's being portrayed than BC's nose with the prosthesis. If those photos are accurate, the producers unnecessarily exaggerated the nose size. That's the problem I see.

The issue is that "Maestro will show Leonard through different stages of his life, per Variety."

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I'm confused by the controversy.  Prosthetics are used all the time in film to alter the shapes and sizes of facial features - not to become stereotypical, but to enhance the accurate portrayal of a character in the eyes and minds of the audience.  If LB had a small nose but the makeup artists gave Cooper a big nose because society expects Jewish people to have larger noses, then that would have been inappropriate and offensive in my view.  The makeup on Cooper was to enhance his appearance, and I think it was done pretty tastefully - it is not caricature like in any way, and to me it is no different than if his hair colour was changed for a role.

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