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    Diddy Do It?

    Diddy is being accused of sexual assault by a man! Did he do it? Or is this guy just looking for some money? https://www.theguardian.com/music/2024/feb/27/sean-diddy-combs-sexual-assault-male-music-producer-allegations
  2. I am a lawyer and I find this comment hard to figure. You say that you know draping is required by law in most states. I don't know that. It is often local law that sets issues like that, so a state may not even have such a law. I am just curious about what facts you have to make such a statement. (I know, Hyattsville is not a state!) 🙂 EDIT: So I researched the issue and found an article listing the state laws requiring draping. The author could only come up with one- Tennessee. But I wouldn't be surprised if Alabama had restrictions too. Utah too. https://www.massageschoolnotes.com/draping-laws-state/
  3. How can you make that assurance? Have you talked to all of them?
  4. A Palm Springs masseur under the age of 50? Might explain his ho hum massages.
  5. Philip has always been excellent for me. Great massage.
  6. Are you saying that @samhexum is pretending that this happened to him when it was really another person? Talk about scams.
  7. I have been to Bangkok 15 or so times and never heard these terms used. Just saying.
  8. I like my Mazda CX-5. It's rated well at Consumer Reports. It's my second one and both have served me well.
  9. He says 150 on his profile page, not 200.
  10. Having Post Malone sing on national TV was an insult to America. Kids are watching this bad example!
  11. It's New Year's Day. Eat some Chinese food!
  12. I like the other site. It has the best info on Thailand and Brazil.
  13. Be nice. It could just be a reminder. After all, how many posts from two months ago do you remember?
  14. This is the teasing time of the year. I miss my daily baseball watching so much that even bits of information can keep my interest. Spring Training starts next week. More baseball news and then soon I'll be back to watching the games. https://www.mlb.com/news/2024-spring-training-schedule
  15. This looks promising: https://www.discovery.com/shows/puppy-bowl/see/get-ready-for-puppy-bowl-xx-
  16. I know several people who have Wikipedia entrees, but really, so what?
  17. I had no trouble bringing a wrapped dildo through security. I just told them that it was a ski pole! 🤪
  18. So it seems that this thread adds nothing to the question on whether it is safe for guys here to visit Rio! Just stay away from Cubans!
  19. In an archived thread on this topic, a few years ago someone wrote about his poppers leaking in the overhead compartment, with the smell engulfing the cabin. (If my memory is correct!)
  20. GUNG HAY FAT CHOI...AGAIN! February 10th begins the annual Chinese New Year festivities, which last for two weeks. San Francisco will hold its annual parade on the 24th. This year is The Year of The Dragon
  21. If you are traveling in July and August, skip Palm Springs and Phoenix. Nobody is home then as it is too hot.
  22. An update from the NY Post. The arrested man was hired as a security guard. Does not look like an escort. https://nypost.com/2024/02/06/news/inside-the-last-days-of-nyc-art-dealer-murdered-in-brazil/
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