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Sexiest NFL Quarterback?


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On 1/10/2022 at 9:00 PM, wrestlerdanny said:

So…what NFL quarterback do you guys think is the sexiest?


Tom Brady

Patrick Mahommes

Zack Wilson

Joe Burrow

Jimmy Garoppolo

Josh Allen

Mac Jones

Jared Goff


Someone else?



Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes hug it out.  Is that hot? 👍


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On 1/26/2022 at 5:24 PM, pubic_assistance said:

Definitely Tom Brady.

He used to live across the street from me.

I'd see him getting coffee at the place on the corner where I go in the morning and dream of having my way with him in the bathroom there while Giselle pondered where he'd gotten to......

So you wanted to give him some assistance in the public restroom?  Now we know how you got your screen name.

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On 1/22/2022 at 11:34 PM, azdr0710 said:

and that time back at LSU....(scroll down for the video in the twitter link)




Definitely Joe Burrow today. Bengals won only 2 games 2 years ago then they bet the team on taking Joe Burrow  in the college draft.  Rumour was it was because of that perfect naked butt of his in the link. Boy got some butt ! 



You could use the top of that perfect butt for a bookshelf. 

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I must say I did not realize how many adorable quarterbacks there were in the NFL. I knew all about Tom Brady.  He is a little older than what I normally go for but he is so damn handsome.  I was looking at some photos of some of the others mentioned.  That Zac Wilson is so cute .  I can envision me doing all kinds of things to him.  And now this Joe Burrow , holy crap, what a total package he is!  I listened to an interview with him. He would make a great alpha top.  So smooth, so confident.  I wonder what all of these guys are packing in their jock straps ?

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