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You need a bank loan for this guy!


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5 hours ago, Beancounter said:


If you’re in the Peoria, IL area you can scoop up this guy at bargain basement prices (heavy sarcasm intended).  His reply to my text states the following rates:

$300 for massage

$500 to give him oral

$1,000 for sex



He and Bill Clinton have something in common. They don’t think oral is sex.

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11 hours ago, lonely_john said:

I think he's done some porn (and probably has an OF page) and he's trying to capitalize on that.

I can see how some clients would see him attractive but not sure $500 or $1000.

He used to be on chaturbate and flirt4free. He also did a solo scene on Sean Cody but I don't think he's done any man-to-man action.

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5 minutes ago, keroscenefire said:

His Twitter account is suspended. That means he violated their terms pretty egregiously or repeatedly. They usually give several warnings before they suspend accounts. 

My ex- .... who ghosted me to become a porn "star" (but is relegated to D-List BB work for a hyper-sleaze "studio", ahem....no bitterness there, haha) has been suspended from twitter now 3 times.

You are right!

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I read these comments before checking out his ad. I think he is quite attractive! I was expecting someone much scragglier-looking than this, based on what everyone was saying about him. All a matter of taste, of course, and I wouldn't pay an exorbitant price. But this was a good reminder (to me) no to let the judgements of other people steer my own.

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I actually researched this guy here in The Forum before contacting him and found the above link discussing him.  Once again, I should have believed what the members said in the above referenced post.  

In my defense though....it’s slim pickings here in the middle of the Midwest and sometimes you gotta look at what’s available and decide if it’s worth it.  In this case it’s not worth it.  

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1 hour ago, Benjamin_Nicholas said:

It's threads like these that again prove why this board has so few escorts wanting to be part of the discussion.

I take Pride on saying that my comment was more respectful. I don't think he looks horrible but he could definitely look much better, and I know that there are many clients who love this kind of looks he currently has. I think I'm right to say that most of the negative reactions from clients here were triggered by the unrealistic rates that as someone said are completely out of touch even with the reality of the market in general. Not good reactions, yes, but there is a reason for that. Leaving aside the fact that a provider can charge as much as he can get, I'm sure that if he adjusted his rates more to reality, he would have way more traction. But if he doesn't need to adjust anything, more power to him.

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