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  1. I think these are the types of hot Jewish boys Bozo is looking for...further into the ceremony there are beautiful laughs, prayers, dancing (the men stick together). It's the quality but perhaps not the availability!
  2. If he has kept his hair and leather jacket he'd still be hot as fuck... Kipp
  3. Kippy

    Las Vegas

    Is Derek Atlas still on the Vegas scene? He's always been an elusive favorite and I hope to connect one day with him! Peace, Kipp
  4. He moved to Chicago c. 2007. I think he fell off the radar. He was originally from Europe and so perhaps went back there. He must be all of 50 by now! Kipp
  5. It's not unlike the TV portrayal of the "The Sound of Music" live a few years back. The actress that portrayed the Abbess of Nonnberg was a black woman. Call me silly...a black abbess in 1937 Austria? It's a hell of a lot more than just a "good actress" performing a role. Just a smidge of historical reality is needed to pull it off. I don't see Woody Harrelson vying for the roles of Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X. Peace, Kipp
  6. Just when we thought that the penal laws only applied to Tucker! Peace, Kipp
  7. Pulp Fiction. Way too violent. The only film I ever walked out on. Kipp
  8. Kippy

    Rape fetish

    Cop? And you didn't have to pay? Shit...sign me up!
  9. Kippy

    Who Is This Devil?

    I actually had never heard of him before, but here's a pic:
  10. Kippy

    Who Is This Devil?

    Damn. Who is the guy who portrays the devil in Dolly's latest Christmas special? It's an old song but a new take. Almost looks like pro-wrestler "The Miz"...
  11. She has to be one of the very last stars of the golden age of Hollywood-- star of stage, screen and television. Almost bigger than life, they don't make them Angela anymore!
  12. Alas, gone are the days of the mid and late 1980's when any major city had numerous adult book stores (Usually in close proximity). When 20 bucks and 20 minutes got you a fantastic blowjob from some erstwhile 20 something.
  13. Too much drag and not enough fag! I miss the old days...
  14. What a loss for music and joyful living! With that beautiful laser clear voice Judith always made it all sound and seem so easy. The enjoyment and enrichment she has brought to the world be a lasting legacy! Kipp
  15. Run fast and far. The bathroom in the pictures he has posted is far from American building code. You can find better and easier to connect with!
  16. Tell me, Mary, this doesn't mean the cancellation of Drag Queen story hour for 5 year olds.?!
  17. Kippy

    411 on RickyP

    Bozo! I had no idea you were back in circulation. Great to see you posting and looking forward to many contrubutions from you! Kipp
  18. Here's a golden oldie from the 80's-- it was even censored a bit back then...
  19. Excellent international rules for the lap dance-- you should copyright the text, almost perfect for any lap situation! Kipp
  20. Maybe Chris Cuomo would have done a better job than Andy and Anderson-- no wait, CNN is crappy all of the time!
  21. The guy with the bangs and cool shorts is "early" Aidan from CF and later several other studios. He was a terrific top and bottom in his films and I always wondered if he ever crossed into the escort biz. He kissed like there was no tomorrow!
  22. Time to negotiate price. 50% off for an old friend sounds nice! He may stop calling...
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