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Dylan Gives A Fuck


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Or perhaps:

Some guys do not give a fuck, Dylan gives a fuck.

Some guys could not care less, Dylan could care less.


I've been known to say, 'I could care less, but not very much less'.


In Arkansaw, we say, "Jimmuh cracked corn, and ah could not cahr less"

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I’ve seen Dylan at least 6 or 7 times in the last 3 years. He’s very professional and sexy as hell. When he hosts in his duplex Brooklyn townhouse, he even makes use of a 1 bedroom cottage thst is separate from the townhouse . In between the town house and the disarmingly cozy backyard patio that (kind of like a cool secret FckHouse with 3 or 4 large wide screen TVs and an old fashioned king size bed) and it’s clear that this smart Masculine Top dude and his more twink style blond boyfriend can take you as far as u ever want to go. They r fun together but I am more into 2-3 hr sessions with Dylan. The guy is a fun and fearless badass who will have u cumming just from the make out session that precedes a hot snd sweaty and relentless workout. Classy and fun.

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I wish...

  • I could see an active link - the one in the original post appears to no longer work.


I can only assume he and the BF sold the Brooklyn townhouse for a pretty penny and now reside at Del Boca Vista enjoying shuffleboard and early-bird dinner specials

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Guest HardWired
On 4/1/2022 at 7:41 PM, budlvsdk said:

Played with him this week, terrible experience. Very expensive and quite the jerk.

I've been chatting with him, and can't decide if I'm interested. Can you elaborate why it was so bad? Thanks.

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