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  1. Well, I started this thread last summer and the general response was that everyone everywhere was having a hot summer. So now we are in the dead of winter, supposedly, and today in Eastern Ontario it felt like a cool day in summer. Temperatures in the low 60’s and sunny. It’s been a mild winter so far with many daily records being broken for daily highs. There have been a few cold snaps and another is expected Weds night but then things are expected to warm up again to above freezing days. I personally love this kind of weather and my heating bills have plummeted so that is also a nice bonus. They’ve dropped by about a third compared to last winter. Also no snow plowing required. And don’t have to bundle up to go outside. What could go wrong???😑
  2. It might have been the average but in those days the average person was poorly nourished, hence the Revolution. The aristocracy tended to be taller. The beheaded king, Louis XVI, was 6’1” before he lost his head. The Duke of Wellington, who defeated Napoleon, was 5’9”, not that tall but taller than the average Englishman. On the other side of the ocean, Sir Isaac Brock, the fallen hero of the defenders of Canada against the US in the War of 1812, was 6’2”. It made him a big target on the battlefield in his colourful jacket. And a bullet pierced that jacket, in the heart.
  3. Luv2play


    A good reason why I avoid bodybuilders. I’m older but want the full out porn experience. And I do have stamina.
  4. Napoleon Bonaparte was the poster boy of a short man getting ahead in life.
  5. Well, that was fun. I think he’s a keeper. The second time was as good as the first, a bit different and a blast.
  6. My own limited knowledge about escorts after they hang up the shingle is that they morph into so/called regular jobs especially if they are still somewhat this side of middle age. The ones who stay in the biz well into their 40’s and have saved and invested their money don’t need to look for a lucrative position. I’m seeing a provider later today who is in his mid thirties and is training to become a nurse. These positions are paying very well today but the work environment is difficult. You need to be strong and have lots of resilience. He has lots of energy with me so maybe he’ll do well.
  7. What kind of an answer is that to the question posed???
  8. Intimate partner violence is on the upswing in Canada and I suppose in other countries as well. It’s not limited to opposite sex couples and increasing we will see it in gay couples as well. Of course it goes back to Shakespeare’s time as portrayed in Othello so is nothing new. Even further back in Greek tragedy. Jealousy and rage are human traits and will never be stamped out. There are other factors as well at play so would take a book or more to adequately treat. My best advice to myself is try to choose your intimate partners wisely. Even those we celebrate on this site.
  9. He smokes cigarettes. Saw one in a pic in his right hand.
  10. They’re hoping customers will stuff themselves on the cheap biscuits and not eat so much fish, which is a lot pricier per pound.
  11. Sounds like a case of good riddance. I totally discount a poor review on RM when it is aligned against sterling multiple reviews from credible clients who post multiple reviews for different providers. I see all the comments on RM Canada so can read the nuances that are important beyond the number of stars.
  12. I agree. That time in Miami, I didn’t find the shrimp I had good at all. Swimming in oil or butter and limp pasta. I never went to another.
  13. Most outcalls are more expensive to start with by providers in Canada where prices are listed on RM. So I don’t offer to pay for their transportation. In the cases where they are the same, the providers usually live in the same area as the hotels, downtown and the major cities have subways in any event. Some providers use their own cars too. They sometimes have the same rates, in or out.
  14. Haha. In Europe upper class men of fashion carry male handbags or at least did in the 1980s. Made of fine leather, in Italy or England usually. They are about 4 by 6 inches and folded in two. You can put them under your arm. I got in the habit when I lived in Switzerland. Of course I just happened to be gay but most of the men I knew who had one were straight.
  15. I’ve only eaten in a Red Lobster once and it was a memorable experience. January 1999 and I had just arrived in Miami to spend two months. That first night I went to a Red Lobster near to where I was staying. When I left I forget my handbag on the banquette seat beside me. When I got home I realized what I had done and rushed back with thoughts my vacation was ruined as I had $4000 in American Express travellers checks and my credit cards and passport in it. The restaurant wasn’t busy though and when I walked in and asked the staff about it they went to retrieve it and gave it to me. I didn’t know what to expect when I opened it but everything was there. It was a great first impression of Miami and I spent the next five winters there in the same house I rented the following year. I didn’t like the food though and never went back to that Red Lobster.
  16. I’ve only heard good things about him and that was from a fellow escort.
  17. I tend to be a chatty person and that extends to my encounters with escorts. However since I see multiple providers in a year I have always found it best not to discuss my time with one with another unless I am arranging a threesome. Then it is necessary to make sure we will all be compatible. That being said, I won’t get into subjects which are not germane to what we have planned. So if one provider has told me things about his private life, I don’t share that with the other provider even if we all going to play together. I have even kept to myself a provider’s real name from another in a threesome situation and used his professional name in the presence of the other provider. This takes some work to keep focused on not slipping up. One area where a provider may talk about another is in regard to drug usage. I don’t like being around drugs or people when they are using them. So in a few cases a provider has alerted me to someone using them when it wasn’t obvious or apparent in their ads on RM.
  18. If anyone is interested in him, I can verify that he is legit and his ad in RM is accurate and truthful. I met him this past summer and he lived up to his billing. I also met his partner Bravo and his ad is reliable too. They worked well together as they live together so coordinating a threesome was easy.
  19. Back in May you said you passed him up because of his rates. What happened?
  20. What about him do you want to know?
  21. I take oral hygiene very seriously because it affects your overall health if you don’t. Mouthwash and a three month appointment to get your teeth cleaned is just the start. I floss after every meal generally and use a water pik. Also use an electric toothbrush. At 76 I have all my teeth except for my molars which were taken out when I was 25. I love kissing and usually it’s a deal breaker if the provider doesn’t.
  22. I consider myself very fortunate when it comes to prostate cancer. While of course I would have preferred not having had it at all, when I did get it I was around 60. I had a prostatectomy four months after diagnosis ( my choice to delay so I could enjoy my summer). I recovered quickly and regained continence within 2 months. Erections were a different matter. Tried daily Cialis but to limited efficacy. Had PSA testing for the next 10 years at reduced frequency as time went on. It was undetectable. After 10 years I bade goodby to my doctor, a urologist who did the operation and have had no occasion to see him in the 8 years since then.
  23. I was at Campus last fall and saw Phillipe there. As I have posted previously, I’m no longer going to the stripper bars in Montreal but made an exception one weekend when I had some time on my hands. I remember Philippe asking me if I wanted a private dance after chatting me up for a minute or two. I had already had a dance with another guy and was just finishing my drink before leaving. The reason I remember this brief encounter was that my ex was named Phillipe (a Swiss guy) and I always make that connection when I meet a guy with the same name. In fact I had a session either that weekend or another around the same time period with an escort in Montreal whose real name is Jean Phillipe but goes by another name in RM. As I have always said, these dancers are mostly straight and have girlfriends they are living with. I knew many when I was living in the Gay Village years ago. In this case, which is very sad for the women, maybe steroids have wrecked this guy’s personality.
  24. Buicks were traditionally driven by doctors and Oldsmobiles by little old ladies who wanted a Rocket to propel them. GM destroyed the latter’s mystique when they started substituting other motors into the Olds without telling consumers. They were sued by a little old lady and lost not just the case but a good deal of the brand value. Olds eventually was discontinued.
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