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Johnson’s in Tampa

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Just to be honest don’t count on any specific dancer being there.  IN MY OPINION It seems like quite a struggle for dancers to make money there and as a result it is quite a struggle for the owner to keep good talent despite his best efforts.   There have been some high quality guys come through but they don’t stick around.  The club is beautiful, the VIP area is outstanding but he simply hasn’t been able to recruit and keep the number and type of dancers to really get it going.  

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I wish everyone did that Vegas. Yes we are getting fewer and fewer. You know what I have found in all the years I'm doing this. When a place closes those that complain the loudest usually haven't patronize the club. Trust me what I'm saying. Then they wonder why Clubs have let in ladies. Ladies 🍷 drink 🍻. Yes they are annoying but a club can't survive on selling bottles of water and lurkers in the back of a club looking for a free show.🤷‍♂️. I hope Matt and Johnson's makes it. But Tampa is a tough market. You don't have the East Coast I 95 clients. Last weekend I had Axel Rockham and his BF Damien in Philadelphia doing my private party. They worked Johnson's the week of coming to Philadelphia. It was tough for them. But if they wanna work Ft Lauderdale they may have to take a trip to Tampa now and then. 

BTW. Who remembers Cupids Cabaret in West Palm Beach. I co managed with Andrew Cross in 2007-2008. Those were good days😘

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Ahhhhh, Cupids in West Palm Beach. LOTS of fun there. I recall once that they locked the front door so that a Porn Star, Shane Rollins and his buddy could put on a show on stage. WOW. The location in Miami was scorching HOT. A big, inked Brazilian stud , Eddie, picked me up and carried me to the lap dance room. SO many incredible men.😛

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