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yeah, good idea to separate the two....the other thread got a bit mixed up at times.....there now appears to be only the monthly nude party and no weekly go-go shows


those who want to be on the LA emailing list can sign up at the following link at upper right and hit "subscribe"......if you're interested in attending an LA nude party, you must be on the emailing list and use it to sign up when announced by Matt (in an email)


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Email for the February nude party just went out and sounds exciting.


the Adonis LA ALL-NUDE Party is officially confirmed for Sat., Feb. 18th!  Lock in the date as this is definitely one you won't want to miss.  We're bringing in 2 HUGE Headliners from NYC and also a 3rd Headliner from Montreal who's a pro bodybuilder. 


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15 hours ago, Gymowner said:

I'm on the list for l.a. nude parties. Some real hotties there this coming weekend. 

The ifbb fitness pro from Montreal will be there. I would go just to see this strawberry blond but will be in fort lauderdale.

Go gentlemen and have an awesome time!




Wow 🤩 my type. Should I travel to LA? 

I know is 
With this long weekend I feel like going but nyc la for just a long weekend may be a stretch 😕

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What is a nude party like at Adonis Lounge? From what I understand, laws in LA do not allow alcohol to be served when there's full nudity. How is this "lounge" making money if there's no overpriced alcohol to be served? Is it just mainly cover fees?

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1 minute ago, inthekingdom4242 said:

i haven’t gone, but i think i might. is it weird to come alone? 

I’ve never been to the one in LA but I have always went to the one in NY alone & did not feel out of place. 

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