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PA campgrounds?

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Anybody been to any of the PA campgrounds (The Woods, Hillside, etc.)? I went to Hillside once years ago as a guest of a "perm" a guy who keeps a trailer there all season) and it was okay but far (I live near NYC).  Went to the Woods last summer for two nights, had an okay time. Haven't planned a return yet.

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I grew up in Central PA near the Poconos.

I would be wary of visiting any campsite in the state for the purpose of hooking up.

There's have been many incidents of attacks leading to serious injury ( even a few deaths ) over the years at known hook up locations in State Parks and campgrounds.  This is a very red-neck part of the state where homosexual activity is strongly condemned.

I don't know anything about the particular locations you mentioned but you might want to Google for some background history in the news before you get yourself in trouble.

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11 hours ago, sniper said:

 Those places mentioned by the OP are specifically gay-operated clothing optional places, he's not talking about random cruising in open to the general public areas.

So these are gated / closed - private locations that can't be reached at night  ?

I remember there was a popular campground that also attracted a lot of gay men for get-togethers that was attacked one night by rednecks with baseball bats. The two perpetrators were never found and many people suffered serious injury. The facility never re-opened after the investigation.

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I’ve been to The Woods a couple of times recently. There’s no history of outsiders coming in to bash the homos, as far as I’m aware. 
I was disappointed but not surprised to find out that someone had posted a sign at the entrance saying “Stop grooming our children.”  It was of course taken down immediately. 
Anyway, the Woods is a wonderful, open, friendly community with a wide variety of types.  And there’s tons of sex. 

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I know the last post was last month, but I wanted to post my experience. I went to a campground in PA a while back (about 2012), maybe the same that jake1973 mentioned. It had trailers that people leave there and seem to visit during the summer. When I went I did not like the experience at all. First, the people there seem to know each other and not interested in talking to anyone outside of their clicks. Second, the facilities looked neglected. Then there was this weird mix of people's level of nudity, from people dressed up to casual attire, to part attire, to fully nude. There were also women all over the place. It was just strange and felt unwelcoming.

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