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The Angels sign Tyler Anderson away from the Dodgers. ***

The Mets claim Stephen Ridings off waivers from the Yankees.

*** There was never a major league baseball player with the first name of Tyler before 1993.  Now there have been over 50. 


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I read that when the Cubs won the playoffs, Rizzo jumped naked onto a table and danced.

Sports Illustrated posted an excerpt from Tom Verducci’s book, The Cubs Way: The Zen Of Building The Best Team In Baseball And Breaking The Curse, and it detailed the atmosphere inside the Cubs’ clubhouse leading up to the game. Notably, Rizzo was busy motivating his teammates while completely naked.

From the excerpt:

An hour before the seventh game of the World Series, Rizzo stripped off all his clothes, cranked the theme from Rocky on the clubhouse stereo one more time, jumped on top of a coffee table and began quoting lines from the movie and throwing his best shadow-boxing punches. Pitcher Héctor Rondon, joining in on the hijinks, picked up an aerosol can of shoe cleaner and sprayed it in the direction of Rizzo’s groin.

Startled and angered, Rizzo stopped and yelled, “What the heck, man!” He cut the music and stormed off toward the showers to clean off the spray.

“I’m thinking, Dang, what’s he doing?” Ross said. “We can’t have this negative vibe right before the game. I go by there. I can tell he’s a little irritated.”

Ten minutes went by. Rizzo finally emerged from the shower. He walked back silently to his locker with a towel around this waist. The room was quiet and uneasy.

Ross walked up to Rizzo and broke the silence.

“Hey! It’s not how many times you get knocked down … it’s how many times you get up!”

Rizzo chuckled. “You know what?” he said. “You’re right!”

Said Ross, “He rips the towel off, runs up, turns the music on again, and he jumps back on the coffee table and starts doing the Rocky motions again.”

Now, as Schwarber got ready to hit, Ross turned in Rizzo’s direction and yelled at him, “Hey, it’s not how many times you get knocked down….”

On cue Rizzo completed the battle cry, yelling back, “It’s how many times you get back up!”

Eventually, Rizzo would find clothing for the rest of his speech, but he set the tone for the Cubs’ historic night.

It’s just another reminder that baseball clubhouses are, uh, unique.

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The Angels acquired Hunter Renfroe for 3 players, one of whom is a former Yankee farm hand with the great pitcher's name of Janson Junk.


I've always known the Red Sox are an organization without scruples, but they're not even trying to hide it anymore... they have signed a crook to play for their organization:

Red Sox ink outfielder Narciso Crook to minor league contract, according to transactions log at MLB.com.

He is not to be confused with Matt 'I am not a' Krook, a starter in the minors for the Yanks. 

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On 12/2/2022 at 8:30 PM, samhexum said:

there's an option for a 6th year at the same salary.

The conditional option comes into play if deGrom undergoes a Tommy John surgery or any sort of right elbow/shoulder injury during the 2023-26 seasons that keeps him on the injured list for 130 consecutive days during any season, or 186 days in a row during any service period, according to The Associated Press

The 2028 conditional option is worth at least $20MM, but that number jumps to $30MM if deGrom pitches at least 625 innings during the life of the contract or finishes in the top five in Cy Young voting.  Should he pitch at least 725 innings and record at least three top-five Cy Young finishes, the option will be worth $37MM.  If deGrom doesn’t meet these specifications in 2023-26, the option can still be worth $37MM in 2028 if he pitches 160+ innings in 2027, has a top-five Cy Young voting finish, and is judged by an independent doctor to be healthy heading into 2028.

The deal includes a full no-trade clause.

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The Mets have agreed to a five-year, $75MM deal with right-hander Kodai Senga.  Senga’s contract also has no-trade protection and an opt-out clause following the 2025 season. 

There wasn’t any doubt that owner Steve Cohen was prepared to keep spending in order to keep his 101-game winning team in line to be World Series contenders.  However, the spending spree has just continued to reach record levels, as the Mets now project to have a 2023 payroll of roughly $334.68MM, and a luxury tax number of just over $349.5MM.

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10 minutes ago, BabyBoomer said:

His name is Willson Contreras. His younger brother William is the catcher for the Atlanta Braves.


Rougned Odor has a brother named Rougned Odor.

Wilmer Flores has a younger brother who's a decent pitching prospect for the Tigers named Wilmer Flores.

I'm not sure, but Orlando 'El Duque' Hernandez may have a brother named Orlando Hernandez, but that would likely only be because they ran out of names.  His father had 38 kids.

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On 12/17/2022 at 8:05 PM, samhexum said:

The Cubs got better looking today.

Dansby Swanson's first choice was Atlanta.

But the former Braves' shortstop said his second choice was a sentimental one -- because the newest member of the Chicago Cubs used to watch their games with his grandfather, who died just a week ago.

"Every time I walked in, he would have the Cubs game on," a slightly teary-eyed Swanson said Wednesday during his introductory news conference at Wrigley Field. "He just loved baseball so much. Being a Cub means more to me than people will realize. It's no secret I left my hometown team to be here."

Swanson, an Atlanta native, signed a seven-year, $177 million contract with the Cubs on Wednesday, the second-richest deal in franchise history. The Cubs "blew away" the Braves' offer, according to a source, undoubtedly making the decision to leave Atlanta a little easier.

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't hope that I would be back home," Swanson said. "Atlanta is where I always envisioned myself, especially after I got traded. I'm a homebody, my family is there. There's deep roots there, but at the end of the day I reached out [to the Braves] plenty in the offseason ... and got the pretty clear sense that they were going to move on.

"We were on our honeymoon, and we felt this is where we were supposed to be regardless."

Just a day before the death of his grandfather, whose second-favorite team was the Cubs, Swanson married professional soccer player Mallory Pugh, who just happens to play for the Chicago Red Stars of the NWSL.

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This offseason might be annoying me more than last year's, and that's saying something.  The disparity in payrolls in MLB & the NBA has really gotten sickening.  Oh, Boy!  I'm so excited that the Yanks, with a $3 gazillion dollar budget, can make the playoffs.  What an accomplishment that will be!

And the matter-of-fact tone now taken when discussing $50 million+ salaries in the NBA and $25 million+ in MLB is nauseating in the context of, you know, the real world.

It took me 40 games to watch even one inning after the lockout, and then only because the Yanks were off to such a great start.  So unless they match the Tigers' 35-5 start from 1984, I think it'll be more of the same this year.

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Look at by league: The Padres are tired of the Dodgers are always winning so they're spending. The Mets and Phillies are spending as they are tired of the Braves always winning. The Rangers are spending as they are tired of the Astros's always winning. Let's see with all this money being spent who wins the league championship  

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