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Thermomix 6, anyone try it?


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What is a Thermomix 6?
All-in-one multicooker. Meet the Thermomix® TM6®, the all-in-one kitchen appliance that makes accomplishing more possible. From meal planning, to ingredient shopping, to cooking, the TM6® has your back so you can seamlessly create the perfect meal, every time.


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We recently purchased one and it's incredible. They are very popular in Europe where many homes or apartments have very small kitchens - but its a fast way to cook and process food - the screen connects to the internet and and if your following a recipe on the screen it will tell you step by step what to do.  

Add 10 ml of olive oil - and the screen then measures how much oil you have added, add 100 gm of plain flour - again it measures as you pour so its so easy to use.


yes its expensive but its worth it if you like to cook and eat healthy food without spending many hours in the kitchen (disclaimer I do not see these) 

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