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  1. If the provider 'fibs' in his blog, treat everything else as suspect.
  2. TwinkyLatin on RentMasseur RENTMASSEUR.COM View my profile on RentMasseur.com
  3. Now now, he just posting the age of what he thinks he looks like. That is done by another escort...
  4. Last visited on: Jan 12, 2024 Rate paid: 400US$ Time booked: 120 minutes Actual Session Time: 145 minutes
  5. Bpeep - Pornstar Performer, Rentboy, Gay Massage in Los Angeles, CA | RentMen RENTMEN.EU Pornstar Performer & Rentboy in Los Angeles, CA - Bpeep: Austin
  6. Reviewed by PtrSinjin on Feb 15, 16:17 Not the same person as in the picture. Typical photo frauder.
  7. I don't find a $600+ / hour provider a good value. And I have the money.
  8. $300/hour, hosts at a $79/night hotel.
  9. Another great day for Boeing! Wing damage forces United flight to divert to Denver International Airport WWW.9NEWS.COM No injuries were reported aboard United Airlines flight 354 from San Francisco to Boston. The flight made a landing at Denver International Airport Monday evening.
  10. Funny, he advertises as a 'bottom', and never shows his glutes.
  11. Valentino Ass Done = Very High maintenance.
  12. Ryleyung must of read your post BTC, now listed as 29 y/o. Advertising over 9years, and not a single review?
  13. IMO, twinks don't have beards.
  14. Funny, Mr. Cigna hasn't recently logged in since his first post. Shill?
  15. DowntownMichael Reviewed SmoothFit on Jul 17, 2023 Wow- when he says deep tissue he means it. Best massage I’ve had in years. I’m bummed he doesn’t live local as he would definitely become my regular masseuse. Beyond the great massage, he was friendly, s**y, had a great smile, and kept up a lively conversation. Our 90 min appt flew by! If you like a true deep tissue massage, look no further, you won’t be disappointed!! Another review that reads like ad copy.
  16. Those are not his pics on Rentmen.
  17. Babyadriel is operating with Angelyz at a $72/night hotel in SF Tenderloin. Color me skeptical. Angelyz - Pornstar Performer, Rentboy, Gay Massage in San Francisco, CA | RentMen RENTMEN.EU Pornstar Performer & Rentboy in San Francisco, CA - Angelyz: Angelxxx
  18. I'd pay $1k for anyone in pics posted by Whitman on Neighbours Son thread..
  19. Hold it, do I need to take the Gulfstream back to Teterboro and sample this provider? No one in 5 months has partaken?
  20. Isn't this like the 3rd thread on this guy?
  21. Shitty or Shifty, I don't think I want to deal with this twink.
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