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AppleTV Ted Lasso


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On 9/23/2021 at 9:51 PM, E.T.Bass said:

I started and then stopped.  Maybe will give another chance. 

But why did it deserve all those Emmy awards?  I'm overlooking something?

Maybe rewarding quality workmanship that just happens to come together to just tell one story that doesn’t celebrate monstrous human instincts?

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No one has written her about this show in 6 months.  I watched the first 5 episodes today due to the Free Apple TV promotion.  I am loving this show from the beginning the way I loved Schitts Creek in later years.  That is the case even though the similarity to the plot of Major League with the female owner wanting the team to lose was a familiar storyline.  Since I am early in the series, it may be that she will become a fan again, which would be nice and a change from the other vehicle.  Still it is warm hearted and entertaining and there is occasional beef cake to spice things up.   

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28 minutes ago, poolboy48220 said:

Season 3 premieres March 15.  I can't remember, does Apple TV drop all episodes at once, or do they release one per week?

It depends on the series.

Some do, some don't.  

With Lasso, they'll release a new episode each Wed (12 episodes this season).

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