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US Best Cities

Tom Isern

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Tom says: Go Minneapolis! (And LA gets what it deserves...)


In early 2007, Travelandleisure.com and CNN Headline News asked more

than 60,000 Americans what they like˜and don't like˜about 25 large

American cities and used the poll results to rank the cities based on

a variety of topics, including most intelligent, most attractive, and

best culture.


Rank - City

1. Seattle

2. Minneapolis/St. Paul

3. Boston

4. Washington, D.C.

5. San Francisco

6. Portland

7. Austin

8. New York

9. Chicago

10. Denver

11. Santa Fe

12. Charleston

13. San Diego

14. Philadelphia

15. Nashville

16. Honolulu

17. Atlanta

18. San Antonio

19. New Orleans

20. Phoenix/Scottsdale

21. Orlando

22. Dallas/Fort Worth

23. Miami

24. Las Vegas

25. Los Angeles



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Guest ncm2169

< Tom says: Go Minneapolis!


Ummm, it DOES say Mpls-St. Paul, Tom. x(


Other than that, I'm proud that you're proud of your geographical roots. :-)

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Studies like this are so phoney. The select criteria which are artificial, like cultural opportunities. Who would choose to live in Minneapolis--with 50 below zero winters, or whatever--over a warmer climate, because Minn has a better opera etc. Let me select the criteria and see which city wins.

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I disagree with both the position of flat as a pancake MSP and bottom of the pile Los Angeles, which has a greater variety of terrain (Ocean, Mountains, Desert) and city types (Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Laguna, Montrose, Arrowhead, Riverside, Malibu) within it's unofficial borders than any other US city.


San Francisco's Mountains are four freaking hours away. (Nevertheless, it is America's most beautiful city.)


I guess what I rank cities on is not standard criteria.


If it really is based on culture, beauty, and intelligence, New York should be higher, which makes me wonder what people were REALLY thinking when they answered the poll-questions.



Outside magazine does an annual, awesome, best US towns to live in Poll.

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Some people would say that NYC has become squeeky clean as well! I remember when San Fran was sleezy as hell (and a great deal of fun). But we're talking over 30 years ago <sigh>. Of course, NYC was equally sleezy then, just on the other coast. LA was considered more "queenie" then. But I am not talking about culture, of course, a completely different story. NYC had it hands down. There's more competition now.

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I'm with Rod on this one!!!!!


It has been said of Los Angeles, for years, that it is in reality a series of suburbs masquerading as a city. That statement is not all together inaccurate. I was born and went all through public school in Los Angeles proper. Upon returning from the Peace Corps I took a job in a Los Angeles suburb and have remained in the area all of my life. Over the years I have become somewhat weary of people who really know very little about L.A. deriving great pleasure from savaging the place. This attitude harkens back to the days when San Francisco was known as the city and all who lived there thought of Los Angeles as a cultural wasteland.


Nowadays the greater Los Angeles area has an enormous number of cultural venues. When one adds up the art collections available in The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, The Getty, and The Norton Simons only the Metropolitan in New York has more to offer. The Los Angeles Philharmonic is amongst the top two or three orchestras in the country. The Los Angeles and the Orange County Performing each consist of several theatres and are in constant use. Los Angeles has become a national trend setter architecturally with buildings like the Disney Hall, the new cathedral, The Getty and many more currently in the planning stages, The city is weak in having its own Opera and Ballet companies but then so are all other U.S. cities except New York.


For low brow entertainment there are Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios, and Magic Mountain. Outstanding restaurants abound in downtown L.A., West Los Angeles, and Newport Beach. As for the gay life style there is not just West Hollywood. There are also thriving gay communities in Long Beach and Silver Lake to name but two more. Some may find the Los Angeles gay life style plastic or phony but that is a matter of personal taste.


As I am sitting here typing this on February 27 the air is clear, the outside temperature is about 82 and there is a very pleasant breeze. Say whatever you will about Los Angeles the weather is near impossible to beat.


Now I am perfectly aware of some major Los Angeles faults. There are simply too many people but that is a growing problem in all major U.S. cities. Public transportation at best sucks, however, some headway in solving this problem is being made but damn it is next to impossible to wean us native from our cars. Gang activity is still a problem although the general crime rate as been on the decease over the last few years.


All in all Los Angeles and it environs are generally nice places to live. If they weren’t people wouldn’t keep moving here.

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The survey was obviously not about climate. It gets so cold in Minnesota that you have to plug your car in! Sitting on a car seat feels like landing on granite. If you spit, the spittle will freeze and "snap" in mid-air before hitting the ground. The downtown skyscrapers "steam" away in the 20-30-below-zero freeze that settles in way too regularly. Climate would not be a reason to live there.


But, when it comes to good clean government, a solid and robust economy, a thriving arts scene, progressive politics (MN has not voted for a Repugnicon president since, hummmm... can't remember. It's the ONLY state that NEVER voted for Reagan or for a Bush. Right there is the biggest reason to fucking LOVE Minnesota!!!!!


Here are some more:


Minneapolis boasts one of the most thriving museum communities in the country, with more than 57 museums in the Minneapolis area.


The Minneapolis Institute of Arts currently ranks among the top ten regional

museums in the United States.


The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is one of the largest urban sculpture gardens in the



MSN named the Minneapolis Institute of Arts one of the top 10 art museums in the nation.


"One of the best contemporary art exhibition facilities in the world ... [the Walker's]

special qualities are grace, flexibility, and esthetic tact." New York Times


The Walker Art Center has been cited several times as one of the 10 most visited art museums in the country.


Newsweek called the Walker Art Center “possibly America’s best contemporary art museum.”


The Minnesota Children’s Museum was ranked the 8th-best children’s museum in the country by Child magazine.


The only castle in the Minneapolis area is home to the American Swedish Institute.


Named “Most Literate City” by University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.


More theater seats per capita than any other city beside New York.


More than 30 theater venues and nearly 100 theater groups in the city.


More than 10 dance companies and 20 classical music groups.


3 Tony Award-winning theaters call Minneapolis home – Children’s Theatre

Company, Theatre de la Jeune Lune and Guthrie Theater.


The largest Fringe Festival in the country takes place in Minneapolis with over 750 theater performances in one week

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Minneapolis has the 4th most active jazz scene in the country


On November 5, 1903 – three weeks before the Wright brothers made their first

airplane flight – the Minnesota Orchestra performed its inaugural concert.


The 98-member Minnesota Orchestra performs nearly 200 concerts each year. Its award-winning concert broadcasts, produced by American Public Media and carried by nearly 150 radio stations nationwide, reaching over 181,000 people each week, according to Arbitron.


The Minnesota Opera is now the 16th largest opera company in the nation with an annual budget of almost $7 million.


The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra is the nation’s only full-time professional

chamber orchestra and is widely regarded as one of the finest chamber orchestras in the world.

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Home to the country’s oldest continuously running theater – Old Log Theater, the nation’s flagship regional theater – the Guthrie Theater, the largest dinner theater –Chanhassen Dinner Theatre and the oldest satirical theater – Brave New Workshop.


“… [The Children’s Theatre Company is] one of those cultural nuggets you come upon in unexpected parts of the country.” New York Times


Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine named Minneapolis’ provocative small playhouses as one of the “most interesting tourist attractions in America."


“Cutting edge museums, arty hotels and edginess expand Minneapolis’ cool cultural

reputation…over the past two years, Minneapolis has taken its underground cultural

destination status to a new level…” – USA Today



These are just a few reasons to love Minneapolis/St. Paul and why it might have placed as it did on a survey that looks at culture. And by the way, Tom Isern's very definition of heaven is to sit in mid-hall at the Ordway Music Theater in downtown St. Paul and listen to the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra play Mozart. There's only one orchestra in the world that can match that and you have to go to Vienna to hear it (usually).

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Ah, Deej, you are right. Minnesota Public Radio...another reason to love Minnesota; I listen to it via internet here in NYC. And Lutheran Church choirs...80 volunteers strong...singing Tryggare Kan Ingen Vara. That progressive Scandinavian spirit--nothing like it in the rest of America. And Eugene McCarthy--another glorious Minnesota tradition.

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>These are just a few reasons to love Minneapolis/St. Paul


Another reason is that Minnesota gave birth to Chi Chi LaRue and Miss Richfield 1981 !! ;)


http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7c/Chi_chi_larue_00072916.jpg http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1096/747642562_8e5158f16e.jpg


and that's talent too ...


Steven D. ~

[a href=http://www.hotsexystud.com/uk]website[/a] [a href=http://www.daddysreviews.com/review.php?who=steven_draker_brussels]reviews[/a]

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It is funny that you brought up Minneapolis when you did, because a co-worker and I were just talking about San Francisco and how it has a reputation of being very cosmopolitan and cultural when it really isn't. We both made the comment that Minneapolis has a lot more going for it than does San Francisco. I live in San Diego, but Minneapolis has always been my second-favorite city after Chicago. (Full disclosure: I'm a native Chicagoan) I won't go into the list of cultural offerings in Chicago, but Minneapolis is right up there. What makes Minneapolis so impressive, though, is that the sheer number of things to do exceeds that of most cities two and three times its size.

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