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  1. At EVERY public Q&A session, someone invariably asks Swanson what he uses on his hair to get that luxurious flow. His answer: nothing special. He says he uses whatever his wife leaves in the shower. The hair does what it wants.
  2. Consistency has always been Hendricks' calling card. He hasn't had a season ERA above 4.0 since his sophomore year of hight school.
  3. If you are not not extremely well versed in computer issues, PLEASE do not destroy any meta-info that may be needed to needle inside Mister Wizard's empire. His machines are sitting there ready to serve. If you move them without taking proper precautions they may never recover. (And that's only half of the equation anyway.)
  4. "We" don't know. At this point in time, I am unaware of anyone who has gained access to his PO Box, but this could be completely wrong. I just have not been informed of it so I can not give informed advice. Personally, I would suspend sending payments until new management stands up and says "HERE WE ARE AND HERE'S WHAT WE'LL DO".
  5. Almost 100% Member contributions. There are advertising fees from flirt4free.com, but my understanding is that it was negligible. (But it did get us invited to their partner Christmas party at Playboy Mansion a few years back. ) Hooboy accepted contributions, but for the most part he self-funded. Daddy continued that lacking Hooboy's resources.
  6. Message Forums, in general, have been a more-or-less dead format with waning interest for many years. Much of the content formerly in forums has migrated to things like Facebook Groups (and whatever the other platforms call the same feature). Can't you just see a Male Escort Pinterest board? Well, sure, the topic is a little risky -- the PTB will drop the axe quickly. There are a few topics that "polite" society finds verboten and we're one of them. <sigh>
  7. There are occasionally good things about spring: I just usually prefer watching from my nice warm living room.
  8. Almost all MLB teams have local approval for some level of fan attendance this year. Of course if Philly in early April is anything like Chicago in early April, they can KEEP those tickets! LOL
  9. I assume you mean right-click on a PC since left-click wouldn't do anything. On a Macbook you should be able to get an "alternate click" (right-click) with a two-finger tap on the track-pad.
  10. Maybe. I was raised by a farm girl who fed us all manner of home-grown vegetation and learned to like absolutely all of it. Eat what you grow, grow what you eat. Yum. But the first time I tasted pork carnitas in a taco covered in cilantro I took one bite and spit it out. The pork was great, but the cilantro was awful.
  11. For those who don't do subtle well, "disk images" are very different from the pictures generally described as images. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SHARE DISK IMAGES ANYWHERE.
  12. And I'm wondering why NOT ONE of the gays around here posted the Broadway explanation of the term:
  13. It's all voodoo and superstition, but that doesn't make it any less helpful or personally relevant. If it gives you the feels, go for it. I do.
  14. (Whisper: it's the way we did it when I worked in a grocery store in the 1970's. )
  15. His husband has always been the pretty one in that household.
  16. His husband has always been the pretty one in that household.
  18. I've been a fan of his for a while. But they all seem to be more dressed down in the field covering Covid or BLM. It's much more revealing. Schwartz was in a more-snug-than-usual polo shirt one day last week revealing a knockout of a chest.
  19. As a teenager I worked at a grocery store, sometimes stocking shelves. As a kid with bronchial issues already, the soap aisle was really deadly. I could end up calling out sick for two days just for filling up those shelves. You do you. But understand you may have an impact on someone else.
  20. This post takes me back many years to the earliest days of the AIDS epidemic. Apparently we didn't learn anything from that.
  21. In Windows 10 (actually it goes back to Windows 8), open the start menu and type snip. The start menu will show you the program. From there you can right-click and pin it to the start menu or the taskbar. Or you can just do the search each time. I don't know how often you want to do screen shots.
  22. Yeah, it's like preparing for an earthquake or a tornado or a hurricane. Some of us have been doing it out of habit for years. I will admit I took a mental inventory and need to update the deep freeze with meat. I've become a little lazy there. But for dry goods and pantry items, I can probably go several weeks. I'll probably pick up some extra hand sanitizer this weekend. I suspect that will be in short supply once full-blown panic sets in. I overheard a local yahoo discussing plans to put barbed wire around the periphery of his property. Something tells me nobody wants to visit him anyway. It's all basic common sense, which is anything but common.
  23. Years ago, the rule in porn was women keep their stilettos on and men keep their socks on because the studio floors were dirty, and it was better than showing dirty feet once the legs go in the air.
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