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Would you "unleash your wild side" and "let me get his paws on you"?

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well said, @marylander1940 ...to each his own...


To me, nothing is more attractive than a confident man. I kinda love that he is owning his cubdom. He says so in his profile and shows it on his pix. So...yeah...Given the opportunity, I would totally unleash my wild side and let him paw at me, and vice versa. Why the hell not?


Exactly! He's not posting fake pics or calling himself an otter or anything like it, besides his rates are relatively low and I'm sure a lot of "chubby chasers" out there would hire him in a second because of his cute face.


He's not my type but I wish him well, and I hope this post helps him.

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For me that absolute deal breaker is the shovel picture.


There is absolutely not a single version in which this situation plays out and ends well.


I understand your point but that shovel picture is a way to show he could be your blue-collar, construction worker or gardener fantasy. The cop picture might work too! He's not my type, but he's branding what God gave him in the most profitable way as an escort.

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I'm not most people's

Cup of Tea.

But for a few,

I'm a very special

Cup of Tea!

Mr Administrator, how about starting a post to let us know that there is a new administrator here, or have you been here awhile and I missed you? In any case, welcome, unless this some sort of Guy Fawkes trick, in which case, you got me.

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