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What attracts you to an escort?

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Hi All:


I am new to the forums and as an escort returning to the business after a break, I am doing some market research. Maybe you can help me...


Other than having good reviews at Daddy's, what about an escort or his ad gets you motivated to contact and schedule something? What about an escort or your experience with him makes you a repeat client? What is the best thing an escort can do for their client?


Again, I am curious as to the group's point of view on these topics are and while I know that each interaction between and escort and client is unique (and that's what makes it good) there have to be some universal truths out there.



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Welcome to the Forum. I think your questions are quite apt. Trying to be helpful, here are my (personal) views:


1. Motivation to contact you: Your appearance, frankly, is the initial screen--if I am not attracted, I shall pass by your ad. Body and face pictures are a plus. I also look to see if you are versatile or bottom, as I am a top. And kissing is a must for me. Price for your time is relevant. If all the bells ring, then I shall send you an email or text message, often with a question or two.


2. Motivation to schedule an appointment with you: If you do not answer my email/text or if you do not answer the question posed, I shall probably pass. One word answers may also end the effort to communicate. (For example, if I ask about a particular roleplay idea, and you answer, "Sure," that does not move the ball.) The best answers can be brief, but they ought to reveal some sense of engagement with the proposal, if you can accommodate it. (So for the roleplay inquiry, you might say, "I have not done that role, but it sounds super-sexy, and I really enjoyed being Coach's jockboy sub, which sounds similar to your idea.") I then ask for a phone conversation. If I call you, and the first words out of your mouth are, "When can we meet," that will get you nowhere. Listen to the initial question and give a reasonably candid answer. (I realize that many guys who email or call you are "time wasters," and so you need to develop a feel to distinguish the genuine inquiries from the time wasters.)


3. What makes the client want to see you again: To begin with, you had better look like your photos; it is better for the client to be pleasantly surprised when he opens the door, and you look even better than the photos (so do not photoshop the pix you put online). LISTEN to what the client says on the phone, and for me it is a huge plus if you ask a few questions. If the first thing the client says is that he is into French kissing, make sure your mouth is minty fresh and that you start with a kiss and then rev things up on that front as the session proceeds (every guy has different preferences about kissing style, and you need to play that by ear). The more you are "into" what the client likes, the better the experience will be for both parties. Finally, little extras can make a difference: If the client is into "Superman" as a fantasy, you might dredge up a Superman T-shirt and surprise the client at the session; if you fill out the T-shirt with a broad chest and tight abs, the client will never forget that session. Little compliments during the session are helpful (so if the client is doing a good job giving you oral service, coo like a dove if you feel like it; if the client is doing something wrong, find a way gently to redirect him). An email or text after the session is a nice touch. Oh, and don't forget this: Once you and the client are "spent," don't jump out of bed and get dressed (though you might jump up, get a damp towel if the client wants to clean up a bit, and jump back into bed with him)--cuddle with the client and chat afterwards.


I repeat: tastes differ, and you need to develop an instinct for communicating with and satisfying different guys. But my core advice applies to almost anyone: Truth in Advertising + Listen to the Client + Be Attentive to What the Client Wants. (With me, it goes without saying, "Please be safe," but I realize the World of Prep is changing this, but there are plenty of clients who appreciate a guy who will only do safer activities.)

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William did a great job. A few things that do it for me...


1) a face picture is a nearly-must for me. I see a lot of guys posting links to ads asking questions, and the ones that are just a handful of faceless body shots puzzle me; the guys they're asking about could be anyone.


2) a reasonably well-written ad. Something about the type of session you specialize in, if anything. Poorly written ads make me cringe a bit, if I am on the fence, it can tip me over into not hiring. It makes me think the guy's put a bit of thought into the ad, which hopefully will carry over into his work.


3) promptness in replying, and in keeping the appointment. There's one guy I've seen several times who is a notorious flake about being late; it's because he's in town to visit family and has to juggle that with business, but it's aggravating.


4) a la carte menus are a real turnoff to me. Getting into a scene and hearing "that's extra' for something reasonable (I'm not asking for clowns and unicycles) can get me totally out of the mood. Price yourself appropriately from the start.


So many things are about individual preferences and if a guy's not into your type, or your scene, or if you're a bottom and so is he, there's not much you can do about that. Some attention to detail before and during the session is about all you can do.

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I also applaud what William had to say. The one thing however that I really like is that you give some inkling that you like what the client is doing and do not sound insincere (even if you are being so). For example, most people suck cock well enough to get by. Sure they may not be able to get a refrigerator down their throat but what they deliver is reasonably pleasurable. Let them know that. But do not say things that do not sound sincere and could not possibly be true. Second, AND THIS COULD JUST BE MY PARTICULAR THOUGHT, I will not hire someone that I suspect is not going to limit the number of clients he will have in one day. Of course, it is much easier for those guys who live here but even for those just passing through I want to try to be assured the guy is not rushing through our session.

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I think instead of asking other people opinions on what attracts THEM to an escort, you should be asking yourself what's attracts you to someome who you want to spend your time with. I'd suggest think of your past or current lovers, friends or anyone else that brings you joy. Also, think of what turns you on. Why are you seeing someone? Do you want an hourly vanilla boyfriend or do you want a dominate top into fetishes? Asking someone else on their own opinions won't help you for something so personal.


Killian took the words right out of my keyboard. Everyone’s tastes are different, so my escort preferences are not necessarily the same as yours. However, I’m happy to relate a little story about my first experience hiring an escort and the method by which I selected my first guy.


The first time I hired, which was back in the mid-1990s at the ripe old age of 31, I made a list of the types of guys I liked and what I found attractive about them. I revisited the list over and over again and at the same time started reading the ads in my local gay rag (this is pre-Rentboy and pre-HooBoy’s: no pics and no reviews) and circled the ones I liked. Every week, I would grab GayChicago, read the ads, notated the ones I liked from previous weeks and crossed off ones that I no longer wished to pursue. Soon, I noticed a pattern among the ads I circled. After a couple of months I narrowed my list to about five guys. I called the first one and after talking to him decided he was not the guy for me. I found another guy, talked with him, and determined he was the right guy. He came over to my place and we had a great time.


Obviously, you can’t circle Rentboy ads, but you can save ads to a “Hot List,” which allows you to record comments about each ad on your list. I use that feature today to determine who I might want to hire in the future.


Good luck on your quest and have fun!!

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1. Looks. I definitely need to see a face pic on the profile


2. Sex practices. The escorts I hire must believe in safe sex ALWAYS.


3. Reviews. I check the reviews and even PM members to ask if they are legit and how the experience was.


4. Personality. He has to be someone whose company I will enjoy!

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For me, everything rises and falls with the attitude (or "the vibe"). In all areas of my life, if given the option, I try to work with those who enjoy and take some pride/pleasure in their work and this is no different. Of course, looks matter but my "type" does vary and my preferred activities are pretty simple. So when I'm looking to hire, I'm generally looking (ie via the ad, reviews, twitter, videos, etc) for someone who's got an appealing vibe/attitude/POV regarding the work they do. I do find that, even more than the look, it's an appealing attitude that keeps me coming back to the ad in the first place and then it's definitely the attitude that gets me thinking toward another meetup. (My one major "meh" of an encounter was the one where I looked past the underwhelming vibe and instead focused on his very attractive pics/reviews/videos...)

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I like all the feedback, but what I like best is what Killian had to say. In addition, there is a difference between the 'initial' attraction and what makes an escort a 'repeat' hire. For me the initial attraction consists of (1) attractive pictures, (2) an engaging description on the profile showing compatibility with my own desires, (3) an opinion expressed by some members of this board who know me and recommend certain guys and (4) ease of making an appointment. No endless back and forth, please. I establish basic compatibility, go in with an open mind and see how the first encounter goes. I avoid overly scripted scenes with guys I meet for the first time.


However, to me at least, the most important issue is whether somebody becomes a repeat hire. My preferred scenario is to find that 'one' guy that I can establish a rapport with. He knows me, I know him, we get along. I give him a good amount of business and I don't pressure him ever into anything he is not into. I rather have a great rapport with one person rather than being continuously on the hunt for the 'next' hire. Seeing new people makes me very nervous. My current guy, whom I met 3 months ago, and who has since deleted all his ads, at the end of our first session put his big arms around me and simply asked: 'will you see me again?' So I said 'are you just saying that, or do you mean it?' He did mean it. The rest is history. We are picking up a new Porsche for him tomorrow afternoon.

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Guest Starbuck

You look how you look ... some guys are going to find that attractive; others will find you too young/old, thin/fat, short/tall, smooth/hairy. Sexually, you like what you like ... some guys are going to want that; others are going to want something else. You'll never be what everyone wants. Why try? Both you and your clients are more likely to have a good time if you're HONEST about who you are and encourage them to do the same. Truth in advertising affords you and the clients who want to hire the man you really are the best chance of having a great time. A great time is the most likely reason you'll be hired again.

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These things for me - pretty much in this order.


Location. There has to be the possibility of a meeting.


> Face picture is important - but not necessarily an elimination. But, if there is no face picture, there must be other things in the ad and my research that will really, really, really attract my attention. It helps if I see a smile that displays nice teeth.

> Body pictures - my type.

Affordability. I don’t have an unlimited entertainment budget. If no price is listed it will cause great hesitation on my part to initiate any contact. Is there any incentive for longer sessions?

Ad. Does the ad come across as someone I would like to meet? It helps if there’s a specific comment IRT being older friendly.

Reviews. Are there any reviews or forum comments on record? Maybe a personal blog or website link? Lack of any of these is not necessarily an elimination but I will likely just observe his ads for awhile trying to determine legitimacy. Advertise on more than one site? If so that helps a little to establish credibility if you’re new.

Communication. Responsive, timely, well written and via a method that I’m comfortable with. I do not feel comfortable with initial contact being by phone call. I know others feel quite differently. Try to offer more than one method for initial contact.


Repeat hire. Were you as advertised? Pictures, ad, the experience? Did you arrive fresh, well groomed, bright eyed? I like the BF experience. I want to feel appreciated and that our meeting was mutually beneficial. And, all aspects considered, a bargain in my mind - the $$ exchange being just one part of that bargain aspect. A followup communication is quite important. I will typically take a lack receiving one from you as a subtle way of saying you have no interest in meeting again.

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...what about an escort or his ad gets you motivated to contact and schedule something? What about an escort or your experience with him makes you a repeat client? What is the best thing an escort can do for their client?




To contact/schedule :

1) location - where I live or where I am willing to travel

2) pictures - I have to be attracted. Please have clear recent and accurate body and face photograph.

3) reasonable rates - post them (I am not interested in ask, call, nego, + and do not care what the excuse/reason not to post them is). Escorts don't want me to waste their time and I don't want them to waste mine! Making me ask your rate is wasting my time.

4) at least some pertinent information provided (i.e. interests, smoking, roles, stats, etc.)


To repeat:

Showed up on time looking as advertised and performed as promised. Did not spend excessive time on the cell phone. Chemistry. They kissed and they came in our session. They didn't steal from me, threaten me, or blackmail me (unfortunately this is not a joke).


Best they could do:

Show up on time looking as advertised and perform as promised. I hire non-smokers primarily, so when they affirm they don't smoke to me- they shouldn't show up smelling like an ashtray or take cigarette breaks.

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The previous posters have pretty well summed it up for me although I do have one additional thing. The escort’s add includes a statement similar to this: "I can't guarantee that you'll love me, but I do guarantee that everything about this add is 100% accurate. The description is accurate and all images are current, unedited pictures of me. If it turns out that this add misrepresents me in any way, we will part ways and you will pay me nothing."

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There are already lots of great views and opinions here. Mine's an echo of many:


For me to get in touch with you:

Step 1: Have a face photo. I like guys with definition, but this only secondary to how attracted to your face I get. Ads that only have the escort's chest, abs, cock, and ass don't interest me at all. As a matter of fact, even if you were fully clothed in your pictures, as long as you have the face that I am into, I'll check out your ad.

Step 2: Have a well-thought-out bio. If your ad is only three sentences long, comprising of "Hey, I'll show you a good time. Contact me!" I'll pass. I'm quite particular with grammar; poorly written ads are a turn-off for me. (Even if English isn't your first language, I'll know from how you express yourself that you're trying.) I prefer American and French-Canadian escorts, but as long as I sense that I'll be able to carry a conversation with you, you're fine. Ads that have too many smiley faces are a turn-off. Still good?

Step 3: Tell me your price. I earn a modest living; hiring guys is a special treat for me whenever I have enough money leftover after all the bills have been paid. If you're too expensive, sorry; if you say "Ask me," sorry; if you say "varies," sorry. Now, I know that some escorts will price according to the type of date I want, but I'm far more likely to negotiate with someone when I have a general idea how much I'm gonna have to set aside initially.

Step 4: You have to fit what I'm into. I have very vanilla tendencies. If you list "kiss," "oral," and "anal (bottom)" as the things you offer, you're getting on the short-list. Like feet? Even better.

Step 5: You have reviews. You don't need a lot, a few testimonials from former clients is more than enough for me.


For me to decide to hire you:

Step 1: Respond in a decent amount of time. I'll honor your request to text, or email, or call initially. I will expect the same courtesy afforded by the communication method. If I text you, I will wait for a response in an hour or three. Email, half a day. Call, well, about the same length of time as text.

Step 2: Confirm the price, location, what I'll expect, and your status. Even though I always play safe and would never ask otherwise, a verbal confirmation that the escort is clean is a must. Yes, they can lie, but that's why I take precaution anyway.

Step 3: Answer any other questions I may have. Impatience drives me nuts. If I have any other questions, I will explicitly number them in my communication with you (i.e. "I have just two more questions..." and they hardly go over three). A response such as "that's in my ad" or no response at all, I consider to be curt and therefore will cause me not go through with the appointment.


For me to consider hiring you again:

Step 0: We obviously should have had a good time on our first date, and that you delivered everything that was discussed.

Step 1: Thank me for the session. I find it rude otherwise.

Step 2: Give me a reason to connect with you. Even a simple "Hope to see you again" in your thank you message is enough for me to keep you at the back of my head the next time I'm thinking of hiring.

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In an escort ad, the dominant feature is the photo display. Now a face picture at some time is nice, but I do not have to see it in the ad. However, at some point in the discussion, I will request a face picture, if you did not include one in the ad, have one ready to send.


If you are going to show a picture of it, I want to know it is available. A beautiful buttocks is nice, but if it is for show but not for go, don't show. The same thing with a thick cock or luscious lips. I do not care what a cock looks like unless it is available for any and all activity. As a top, do not show me an eminently edible ass and then reveal that you are top only.


A witty ad, well written and reasonably well constructed grammatically will cover a multitude of other sins. I do not need Shakespeare, but i want to get the feeling that there is a brain behind the pretty face. This ad is your first impression, so take time, write it well, spell the words accurately and make the ad as much fun as you are.


The last thing I want in an ad is a close up of an asshole. I love asshole. Lick it, suck it, stick it, fuck it. But I do not need to be able to pick it out of a line up.


Don't throw the bird. Exactly who are you flipping off? Show your attitude in the text, not by a photo.


If you like something or do something well, highlight it. Hot wired nipples begging for your mouth. Bigfoot is alive in NYC and waiting for you to worship at the altar of his well pedicured size 13s. Love sweaty sex, then be prepared to meet the slip and silde of hot Italian lovers.


Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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Hi All:


I am new to the forums and as an escort returning to the business after a break, I am doing some market research. Maybe you can help me...


My bad, I read this wrong. I didn't see that you were an escort. I understand now. I think since you are returning from a break, think of a time where you were successful, and just tweak your ad and image here and there as you see fit.


Funny, I made the same mistake as Killian. That's what happens when I reply to posts before having coffee. This time, I will answer the question being asked rather than the one I thought was being asked.


Two things grab my attention: a concisely-written descriptive ad and recent pictures that accurately depict what a guy looks like naked. Skip the artistically posed pics and show clear pics of yourself standing up with your shirt off, a pic or two of your cock and ass, and by all means don't show yourself squeezing your cock in your pics. It implies you can't get hard. I want to read about what you get into, but I don't want to read a novel. Use complete sentences, capital letters, and punctuation. AvOiD tYpInG lIkE tHiS. When you list your phone number, type out the numbers, separated by dashes. When a guy types something like 619-five5 five 1too one two I assume he is a flake and move on. When I contact an escort, I always describe what I like to do and ask whether it is something he would also get into. When an ad states "no explicit messages," I pass because I don't want to waste anyone's time by scheduling an appointment and then learning that we are not a match.


I could go on, but you probably get the idea of what I am talking about. My apologies for mis-reading your original post.

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Wow... the response to my initial questions has been awesome. My thanks to each of you who have taken time to respond in just the past day. I have already heeded much of the advice posted here, and while it seems like "common sense" in a lot of ways when you read it in the Forum, it's a good reminder to have stick in your head. It was just was I was looking for as I get back into the swing of things - I know I will read through this again in the future as reminder of how to provide the experinece that clients are looking for.



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