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Length of First-time appointments

Guest JT
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>Any of you more experienced clients

>or escorts care to

>share your thoughts or experiences re:

>length of first time appointments?


Hi Ready, I would not consider myself a "more experienced" client ;-), but I still would like to share my thoughts and experiences here.



>For myself, I can't imagine such

>a short time. I typically book either 4 or

>5 hours for a first-time

>encounter. Maybe you think

>I'm crazy for spending that

>much on an unknown entity,

>but what's the fun in

>wham-bamm-thank you sir. I

>don't like to worry about

>the clock, and want to

>have time to get to

>know my new acquaintance.


I don't think you are crazy at all! Like you, I don't like to rush or be rushed when I'm spending time with an escort. I therefore also usually book longer session, sometimes even overnight, for a first-time encounter. But before I invite the escort, I will spend some time to communicate with him via emails and/or phone calls. I find this very helpful as we will get to know each other a bit before we meet. Plus, either party may find out if there are any red flags and/or incompatible issues during the pre-meeting communication.



>Many escorts have commented upon arrival something like "what >are we going to do for 4 hours", yet (not meaning

>to brag) most do not leave with the same frame of mind.


Well, the pre-meeting emails and phone calls usually give me a pretty good idea whether the escort would be good companion in addition to their physical/sexual appeal. So far, my experiences have been very positive. Most of the escorts I have had the privilege and pleasure to meet are also fun to be with outside the bedroom. We never have to worry about what we're going to do during the time we're together. I have enjoyed having dinners with them at restaurants, going to theatres, taking a slow evening walk together, or just simply cuddling and chatting on a wide range of topics, etc... Sometimes they're even willing to share something very personal about their lives with me. And I do greatly appreiciate their honesty and trust in me.


That's why I prefer overnight or longer session even for first-time encounter. I find them somewhat more "natural" (i.e. more like two friends getting together for a fun evening). To me, such experiences are most often more complete and wholesome! :D



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From talking with escorts I've met, seems like most people book

1- or 2-hour appointments. For myself, I can't imagine such a short time. I typically book either 4 or 5 hours for a first-time encounter. Maybe you think I'm crazy for spending that much on an unknown entity, but what's the fun in wham-bamm-thank you sir. I don't like to worry about the clock, and want to have time to get to know my new acquaintance. Many escorts have commented upon arrival something like "what are we going to do for 4 hours", yet (not meaning to brag) most do not leave with the same frame of mind.


Any of you more experienced clients or escorts care to

share your thoughts or experiences re: length of first time appointments? Do escorts dislike longer appointments with

first-time clients?

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I generally request a 3 to 4 hour first appointment. I spend the first hour either doing dinner or "ice breaker" chat. The second hour is usually foreplay (kissing, holding, touching, etc.) while remaining partially clothed. The next hour or two is the "full monty" with hot, sweaty sex.


I've too had some escorts express apprehension at a longer first appointment. I generally have found these guys to be the clock watchers.


The majority of the escorts appreciate the longer first appointment. A couple actually told me that most first-timers book 1 or 2 hours and it inevitably goes over into a 3+ hour session with no additional compension.


I believe in paying an escort for their time and, for me, a short first session isn't practical for my expectations.

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I agree 1 hour is too short however 2 should be adequate for a 1st time. Remember the old saying a fool and his money are soon parted.


If your 1st appointment goes that well than guess what now you can make the appointment as long as the escort will allow for the 2nd encounter.


If we condone spending 4 hours sometimes at like $250.00 an hour that would be $1000.00 bucks possibly for someone you don't like or are not compatible with. That would suck! :-(


I know you are a helpless romantic and need to break that ice you mention all the pros of a 4 hour booking but none of the cons. Switch over just for a moment from being positive to being negative and think of the worse case scenarios.


Have fun, save money, and rebook for the longer session the 2nd encounter!


Happy Hiring! :-)



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Guest jeffOH

At least 1/2 of my clients are married men who don't have that

amount of time to spend with me. I prefer the 1 or 2 hr. appts..

Some clients do like to take more time to get comfortable with

an escort, but I can usually put them at ease within a few mins.

Most of my clients prefer an hour appointment. There's so much

you can do in an hour and I'm not more likely to be watching the

clock during an hour appt. than I would a 3-4 hour appt.. Plus

I don't know if I'd want to spend that much time with some of my clients...an hour is usually more than enough.



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>One thing some of

>the other posters have is

>tons of money, a fact

>which they are usually not

>reticent in sharing with us.


1) I don't have tons of money but I'm just curious to know if I were rich, were I supposed to avoid telling anyone here at all cost? :p And if not, should I feel ashamed and apologize profusely every time someone "preceives" that I have not been reticent in sharing that information with others? :'(


2) How about posters who usually are not reticent in telling us how big their cocks are? :7 How tight their asses are? :9 Should they, like the group described above, apologize to others on the message board too? LOL


3) Some posters have already pointed out that there are no right or wrong answers to the question posed on this thread. I agree. It all depends on personal preferences and circumstances.


4) A client who prefers longer sessions or overnight does not necessarily mean that he has tons of money.


- One poster stated that it's more "cost-effective" for him to do so since he has to fly to a bigger city and rent a hotel room to meet an escort. Also, if one really calculates the number of hours he is spending with the escort, the overnight rate may not be as costly as one thinks. A client is likely to spend 14 hours (e.g. 8 p.m. to 10 a.m.) with the escort for an overnight. Assuming both the client and escort sleep 8 hours, a client still could have 6 hours of sex and other activities with the escort. During that time, they may "play" once before dinner, "play" once more before they go to bed and then once more in the morning. :7 So if you're horny and you're up to it, is the overnight rate at $ 1,000 per night that outrageous? :o


- A client who only invite escorts for overnights (let's say $ 1,000 per night) may only see an escort 6 times a year (Total: $ 6,000 per year). This compares to someone who spends 2 hours (say $ 200 - $ 250 per hour or $ 400 - $ 500 per session) with an escort once a month ($ 4,800 - $ 6,000 per year), there may not be a big difference in terms of the amount of money spent on escorts by these two clients. The one who prefers overnights do not necessarily have tons of money to spend as compared to the one who likes shorter sesssions. In other words, the preference for different lengths of first-time appointment with an escort is by no means an accurate or reliable measure of a poster's wealth or lack of it. :-)


Just trying to be positive, as always! :D


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>Furthermore, most escorts are not about

>to open themselves all the

>way, they have their lives

>compartmentalized and protected.


Both escorts and clients compartmentalize and protect their personal lives. We do that even when we're with our coworkers, friends, family, and sometimes our lovers. Clients who are married or who are in long term relationship see escorts as well. I'm not sure whether "most" of them are about to open themselves all the way. To me, any communication is a two-way street. If both the client and the escort have established a certain level of trust, they are more likely to open up themselves and share some parts of their personal lives with each other. Of course, whether or not the client/the escort is interested in knowing or sharing those information would depend on the two parties involved.



>Case in point, met one guy

>early this year. We were

>making some nice small talk

>upon meeting. We were

>at his hotel, he flew

>into town. I asked

>when did he arrive to

>town, and he replied "recently".

> GEEEZ, I didn't ask

>for his address or social

>security number, just trying to

>see how long been in

>town, and what sites he

>may have seen.


I believe what you said here. However, there could be situations in which the chemistry and the trust between a client and an escort is so great that they pour their hearts out in less than an hour of meeting each other. This may not happen very often but it doesn't mean it never occurs.



>I may sound cynical, but is

>my take on it.

>I respect the escort's privacy,

>and don't go into too

>much of his life.

> I am polite, personable,

>and respectful.


I think I'm a polite, personable and respectful person too. I respect escort's privacy and I don't pry into their personal lives. Whenever they share the more personal aspects of their lives with me, it's completely voluntary on their part. I respect and greatly appreciate their honesty and in turn, I will never abuse or dishonor their trust in me.



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For me 2 hours is the norm for first appt. It allows enough time to get to know the guy a little bit, time to have a little fun, and I certainly know whether I am interested in a second appt by the end of that two hours, and I haven't spent a small fortune.

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Guest cp8036

For myself, a one hour appointment is fine. Especially for an unknown guy. If you commit to 4 hours, and then don't click in person, you are obliged to fill your part of the deal. He has blocked out this time for you.


Each person it is different. I just want to have some fun, discreet, no strings, convenient fun. With all things equal, that can be done in an hour. If someone was exceptional, I may consider for a longer date. However, at this point in my life I just don't have the time, money, nor desire to spend hours or overnight with a paid escort. For me, just doesn't sound appealing to spend the second or third hour embracing, whispering kind thoughts, and getting know each other. Why would I want to do that with someone that is only here for the money. As genuine as he seems, or as romantic a time it was, HE WOULD NOT COME IF THERE WAS NO COMPENSATION.


Furthermore, most escorts are not about to open themselves all the way, they have their lives compartmentalized and protected. Case in point, met one guy early this year. We were making some nice small talk upon meeting. We were at his hotel, he flew into town. I asked when did he arrive to town, and he replied "recently". GEEEZ, I didn't ask for his address or social security number, just trying to see how long been in town, and what sites he may have seen.


I prefer to have those long nights of making love, embracing, and pillow talk for my personal life.


I may sound cynical, but is my take on it. I respect the escort's privacy, and don't go into too much of his life. I am polite, personable, and respectful. Though is sex, still need to apply normal social manners. Is nice to talk a bit to break the ice and make as enjoyable as can be. If an escort has a problem with being rushed or jumping into the sack, maybe he shouldn't work by the hour.

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I generally like 2 hour appointments all the time unless I'm doing an overnight or I'm at villa gianni in London.


But my regulars and I need 2 hours to have our normally good time :-)




An American Expat in London

(formerly SFJEFF)

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For what it's worth to you, I can tell you the practice I've developed for a first appointment. It works for me, obviously, and maybe it will work for you.


I like to meet an escort for the first time over a meal, at which I am the host. When I'm having lunch or dinner with someone at a restaurant, I don't feel the pressure of being with a complete stranger in private. What's more, most people have developed ways of carrying on a conversation over food in a public place. In other words, neither the escort nor I is likely to be at a loss for words in that initial setting. If one of us is -- and it won't be me -- then that's already a warning sign.


After lunch or dinner, we move to the privacy of his place or mine. For me -- escorts differ in this matter, but, after all, I'm the one paying for his time -- two hours is about right. More than that could be overstaying one's welcome. And if it seems that the time is up too soon, then that's a good indication that a second appointment would be in order.


If two hours seem too long, well, orgasm can take care of that. Once both parties have cum, and there's nothing further to talk about, the date's over, regardless of how long it takes. However, if a client books for two hours and uses only forty-five minutes of it, he should be prepared to pay for two hours. If the escort wants to adjust the fee to match the time actually spent rather than the time he actually committed, that's his business. But the client should always offer to pay for the entire date, whether he uses all the time or not.

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For what it's worth, I agree with most of the posted comments here.


In 90% of my cases with escorts, I have generally begun the first encounter with at least a few hours, in which a meal or some other social activity (movie, theatre) is involved.


I do not set out on this without FIRST shopping carefully, checking comments others make on the guy in question, checking his photo (for SOME physical interest), and exchanging a number of e-mails with him, offering him the possibility of suggesting the type of food he would like (most avoid Mexican or Thai on dates... for good reason!!!), or if we are planning the theatre or a movie, he can make suggestions on what he likes.


For me, part of the treat is the chance to take the guy out for a relaxing time. If he is unable to converse, or a social misfit, I usually end it there and then (paying him the accepted fee). I would add a caution here: if I have personal doubts, I set a 2 or 3 hours date with the "option" of more hours if we BOTH are agreeeable.


Fortunately only once has the date ended with the meal (by the escort for reasons I never discovered... and should have seen as a sign of problems). For the rest, the evening helped not only "break the ice" but it at least made me feel less as if we were on a simple sex outing. I am not trying to romanticize the escort industry, but I like to treat the guy to something more than a quick romp in bed. And I have been very pleased with their responses.


I am thinking of class acts such as "Egor"-"Alex" or "Kyper" in Amsterdam (oh, and "Thom" too), or Rod Hagen, Joey Ciccone, and Thom formerly of Seattle now in Oregon, and a few others who have since retired. Each of these has been a gem for a date - men skilled in every sense of the word. :-)

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The length of a first appointment depends on how much time I have, how much money I have to spend on it, and my mood. I normally hire an escort for sex, not socializing, and I prefer to get it on immediately. If I am really turned on, I am ready to cum fairly quickly, and I don't like to postpone it and postpone it until--alas!--I begin to lose my hard. In my youth I could cum several times in three or four hours, but now two ejaculations in a session is really pushing it, so the extra hours probably would be spent mostly in conversation, and I already get lots of stimulating conversation without having to pay for it.


A return engagement is a different matter. If I know the scene is going to be good, I am more relaxed and explorative. I feel I am paying for more than physical release, so I am willing to commit time, though three hours of sex play with anyone is pretty much my limit.


Last year I was traveling a long distance for a first time appointment, and I felt certain from the reviews here that the escort would be worth the effort, so I tried to book a two hour appointment. To my surprise, he suggested that two hours was too long for the first time, and since I was going to be around a few days, he suggested that I book for one hour and then book a second appointment for longer if I was in the mood. It was great advice, because it turned out that I was so excited by the first meeting that I couldn't have sustained the scene for more than an hour anyway.

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Guest WetDream

Themes keep repeating themselves on this (and other) message boards: to tip or not to tip seems to be the most popular. This one may be the old "charmer" vs. "whammer" thread. Was it Will that came up with these apt terms? There isn't any right or wrong here. Experiment! Find out what works best for you. First and foremost, good predate communication is essential, preferably by telephone (please read current threads about the difficulties of internet communication). This is true for a short, intense sex session or a longer more romantic tryst. Practice may not always make it perfect, but it does help the process along.

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I agree with CP's point on this. One thing some of the other posters have is tons of money, a fact which they are usually not reticent in sharing with us. Some persons want long encounters with escorts because of loneliness or boredom. Others need an extra hour just to get up the courage to have sex with a guy. So, whatever floats your boat, but if you are just wanting to get off with someone attractive to you, an hour should do it. As the relationship develops, other opportunities for spending time together will develop. And you rich guys can tell us how much you spent....

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>There isn't any right or

>wrong here. Experiment!

>Find out what works best

>for you.


This is SO true!


For me, 2 hours is usually what I book for a first time because over the years I've found an hour can be rushed and longer can be uncomfortable FOR ME if we don't "click". Others have different experiences.


But I'll NEVER book an overnight on a first encounter. No matter how good the pre-date communications, you won't know until you meet in person whether you'll enjoy his company. And there can be other mitigating circumstances.


I broke my own rule a few years ago. I broke a lot of my own rules that nite. }> I hired totally against type (a bodybuilder) because his rates were reasonable, he was incredibly friendly leading up to the date, and I was curious what it would be like to snuggle up to mountains of muscle for the night.


The sex was mind-blowingly great. So far so good, right? He said he was a bottom and he turned out to be a needy pigboy bottom. I was in heaven.


Then it came time to snuggle up for the night. It was a dream come true, up to a point. I'm fairly slender, so every time he'd throw an arm or leg over me (something he did a lot in his sleep -- a real cuddler) some body part would go numb from the lack of circulation! That mountain of muscle was great to fondle, but he was just too heavy for me!


We had fabulous sex again the next morning, and I tipped him generously, but I didn't get a wink of sleep that night. Some things (like him being too heavy) just can't be divined from pre-date communications. That shorter "audition" is a must in my book.

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When I am looking for an escort, I am not looking for dinner, a movie, theatre engagement. I am looking for fantasy fullfillment so I tend to look more for more muscular, tight toned well hung guys. Most likely, an hour is enough but the few that I have been with have not been clock watchers. I guess it would depend on what one wants out of their time with an escort.

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I live in an area devoid of escorts, so when I am ready for an escort experience I always have to travel for it. After airfare and the cost of a hotel room, a short appointment simply isnt cost effective. Its not worth the trouble and expense of flying hundreds of miles for an hour appointment....I normally opt for an overnight and, so far, have had good luck with that.

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>>There isn't any right or

>>wrong here. Experiment!

>>Find out what works best

>>for you.


>This is SO true!


Ditto! :-)



>But I'll NEVER book an overnight

>on a first encounter. No

>matter how good the pre-date

>communications, you won't know until

>you meet in person whether

>you'll enjoy his company. And

>there can be other mitigating



So true. But even for an overnight appointment, the client and escort could still negotiate ahead of time if for some reasons, either party feels that things are not going to work out, they would still be able to part amiably.



> I hired totally against type (a bodybuilder) because his rates were reasonable, he was incredibly friendly leading up to the date, and I was curious what it would be like to snuggle up to mountains of muscle for the night.


>The sex was mind-blowingly great. So

>far so good, right? He

>said he was a bottom

>and he turned out to

>be a needy pigboy bottom.

>I was in heaven.


>Then it came time to snuggle

>up for the night. It

>was a dream come true,

>up to a point. I'm

>fairly slender, so every time

>he'd throw an arm or

>leg over me (something he

>did a lot in his

>sleep -- a real cuddler)

>some body part would go

>numb from the lack of

>circulation! That mountain of muscle

>was great to fondle, but

>he was just too heavy

>for me!


> Some things (like

>him being too heavy) just

>can't be divined from pre-date

>communications. That shorter "audition" is

>a must in my book.


Deej, I have a question for you? Did you have the escort's stat and/or have you seen his pic(s) before you met him? It seemed strange that you were surprised by "him being too heavy". I think that would be something you could find out in the pre-date communications. :D




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>Deej, I have a question for

>you? Did you have the

>escort's stat and/or have you

>seen his pic(s) before you

>met him? It seemed strange

>that you were surprised by

>"him being too heavy". I

>think that would be something

>you could find out in

>the pre-date communications. :D


Oh yes! I had pics & stats. He's a handsome guy, about my height.


It's simply the first time I'd tried sleeping with a big/muscled guy. And just my luck, he was a cuddler who constantly tried to wrap himself around me in his sleep. With the twink/jockboy types I typically go for, I would have been ecstatic.


The weight issue just never occurred to me. I had no previous frame of reference to know that I'd end up spending the night in a Lucy-style comedy scene fighting my way out from under.


A shorter engagement would have disclosed this issue.

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Guest ChicagoHotDad

If I am seeing someone who hasn't been reviewed, then a one hour appointment is fine. If we do "click" then I usually suggest a second hour if he has the time.


However I think its best to limit seeing escorts that have been reviewed here and check the reviews carefully. I would check out his pictures and website to get a sense of what he is about. Only then would I book for 2 or more hours, and thats assuming the "pre-meeting" communication goes well.

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Guest pickwick

I very seldom hire anyone for just an hour. On the few occasions when I've done so I've found it rather unsatisfying. I have many deadlines to deal with in my work and when I am relaxing I like to do so without worrying about meeting a deadline. If having an escort is going to be just as stressful as work then I see no point in doing it.


Having said that, I have to acknowledge that many escorts don't have much to offer except their bodies and don't know how to keep a client entertained for more than an hour or so. There have been many times during an overnight appointment when I have felt as though I was babysitting, with responsibility for keeping the escort amused until it was time to go to sleep. It's a tradeoff.

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1 hour. All appointments. First, last, whatever. I have plenty of friends and things to do. Escorts are for hot sex in between or after other activities. Some become friends. Then we hang out before or after hot sex, doing things as friends. There is no charge other than for the 1 hour of hot sex. Their choice to do anything else is on their nickel, so to speak.



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I totally agree with you. However, I have been known to hire the same guy again after lunch and drinks. I believe this was in Madrid :-)




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