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    Danny Rock

    >well, damn, another mark against him, he didn't share. The most heinous of crimes. Have a nice weekend, men, I'm off to Montreal. Later.
  2. Traveller

    Danny Rock

    >Jeez Traveller - It was a pot of decaf that my 60 year old >overweight >soul had made for the weekend pitcher of iced coffee. I give you one hundred and forty seven gold stars and your choice one of DickHo's or blu's dildos (excepting, of course, the ones that are metal or over 14 inches). Laater.
  3. Traveller

    Danny Rock

    >My advice, though, is hire in a hotel, that way >the tv is nailed down. What type of flea bag hotels do you stay in, dude? The TVs aren't nailed down in the Plaza Athenee. Later. PS. And how can the review ring true 7Z? The coffee maker is still full at the beginning of an evening appointment with an overweight 60 year old that doesn't do drugs. Something's not adding up.
  4. >Coulis de Verge Hmmmmmmmmm. That must be the difference. My horse is named Malda Mare. Later. PS. For some reason, I can't get her near any water.
  5. >The world uses about 70 million barrells a day. The US >uses about 40m bll a day. The US can produce about 30m >bll, so we are almost self-sufficient. But, seems we are >still held hostage to OPEC, and soon the Russians. But I don't own a car and I own Chevron stock like you, so let's get those damn Rooskies to restrict production a bit and up that share price. For Pete's sake, the commies would've done it. Later. Later. PS. Hay is much cheaper than apples, and their farts don't stink as much. A double bonus.
  6. >Here in SW Florida its $1.09 for reg. gas. I believe some of >the differential is due to local and state taxes. But that >can't be all of the reason. Don Newhouse told me that he heard from Graydon that it's all part of a worldwide muslim conspiracy (led by wily Saudi sheiks, Malaysian drug overlords and the madman in Tripoli; I even believe he said that Suharto's son was involved until his overthrow) to cause chaos in the markets, increase road rage, and, ultimately, bring down the ruling Judeo-Christian civilized world. He said that one of the least understood components of this evil scheme was that the price seemed to fluctuate most at the gas station next to a mood ring shop in the Haight district of San Francisco. Crazy stuff, but true. Later. PS. I walk or take cabs, so in this case, I'm clueless.
  7. What have you been smoking, dude, 'cause I want some. It's the weekend! It's summertime! Later. PS. I recently hired Skeet Ulrich and Ben Afleck for a three way. Call their agents. Trust me on this one.
  8. Traveller

    Tom Chase

    I'm not sure Tommy is escorting any more. I'll give him a call a find out for you. Later. And yes, crack head is someone strung out on whatever.
  9. Men, a little warning. There's an escort named Guy advertised in Rentboy.com and with a full page ad in Spartacus. Phone no. 852-81016996. The pics didn't look bad so I hired him to come over to my hotel. Well, a crack head showed up and, after I closed the door on him, I had to call security to escort (love that) him out of the hotel to stop him from banging on my door. I'd suggest staying away from this one. My advice in Hong Kong is let your fingers do the walking. The yellow pages (like Vegas) have lots of agencies with whatever you want. And the quality sent over was top notch, whether you wanted local, Thai or ex-pat.
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