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In the last 2 days I’ve managed to squeeze in visits to parts of several London museums. The Soane, the British Museum, the V&A, the Wallace Collection and some of the Tate Modern. Happily they are mostly free except for some special exhibits. I’m pretty wiped out but it’s been amazing. I was there mostly when they opened and stayed till closing. Obviously I didn’t see everything but I did my best. I’ve got a few more days but I’ll need more future visits. 

















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Which museum had the jewels in your photos?  I haven't been to the Soane yet - do you recommend it?  The great thing about most of the museums being by donation is that you can visit multiple times over several days rather than trying to squeeze each museum in all in at once.  I realized that on my second trip to London and it made for a better experience overall.  

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The jewels were in the Victoria & Albert Museum. It’s probably the finest jewelry collection in the world. I could have easily spent weeks in the V&A alone. There is a display of Raphael cartoons that were made for tapestries that are breath taking. There was also a collection of photographs from Elton John’s collection that we spent a few hours viewing. That was an additional fee of 22 pounds but the general admission to all museums was free. 

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On 7/8/2024 at 10:23 AM, CuriousByNature said:

And I'm still not from the midwest.

I love Midwestern Men! 

The men in London can can l be very sexy.  Recently there has been a large influence of visitors from the east.  But seeing an English Londoner in a business suit, or a hunky Midwestern man posting tourist at a museum is always complimentary to the art 🎨 

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