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What were you put on this Earth to do?


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To quote Lisa Tepes (the human doctor who charms and befreinds Dracula from Castlevania), "to make the world better".

I think even something minor as planting a fruit tree for future children to eat and play under or donating food to a shelter or food bank for a poor family can lead to great changes from something small for future generations.  So really, we're put on this Earth to help others (as much as we can) and leave the planet better than we have found it.


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6 hours ago, arnemgreeves said:

No such thing imho as divine purpose. I was raised Christian but haven't been such for many years now. But then from the Christian standpoint, we're only here to praise and be accepted by God. Hence why Jesus died our sins. 

I don't believe the universe or God has a plan for each individual person. Humans are just here, via evolution or what have you, and we don't exist for some higher reason. 

I do think though that we should find a path that not only brings us joy, but benefits the world around us positively. 

My great uncle was a minister in a reformed church that used one of the Catachisms - can't remember which one.  Whenever we would visit he would ask us, "What is the chief end of man?"  and our learned response was "Man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever".  This was many, many years ago, but I still think it was cool that the catechism taught that while there is an expectation of praise, there is also an expectation of enjoyment.

Apologies if this reply has crossed over into banned subject matter for this forum - if so, could the Moderator please delete my post?

HaPpY NeW YeAr!


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