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May I see the evidence, please?


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A Connecticut police officer was placed on administrative leave following allegations that he appeared in pornographic videos posted online, according to local media reports.

The officer, who was hired in 2021, was recently placed on leave after explicit videos allegedly surfaced, according to the New Haven Register. Police Chief Edward Lennon called the pornographic videos an “off-duty matter” in a statement, the Register reported.

“[The officer] is the subject of an internal affairs investigation, consistent with the collective bargaining agreement,” Lennon said in the statement. “This is a personnel matter, and as such, we will have no additional comment.”

WFSB began investigating the story after receiving several tips and discovered videos that were posted about 10 months ago.

The station also obtained a copy of the East Haven Police Department’s code of ethics, which says that “officers will keep their private lives as an example to all,” according to the outlet.

The code of conduct does not address pornography other than to say that “officers are prohibited from viewing or disseminating pornography while on duty or using town equipment,” according to the New Haven Register.


With the officer on leave, an internal affairs investigation has been opened to look into his behavior, WTNH reported.

The East Haven Police Department did not immediately respond to McClatchy News’ request for comment on Sept. 20.

East Haven is a coastal town of about 28,000 people in New Haven County, about 40 miles south of Hartford.

It should be illegal to write a story like this without pics, videos, the cop's stats...

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4 hours ago, samhexum said:


It should be illegal to write a story like this without pics, videos, the cop's stats...

Gotta look to the UK press....


"Paul Cavalier, a police officer at East Haven Police Department, was placed on administrative leave after allegations that he appears in a video on a pornographic website..." (He's the one on the left, the older dude, in this photo):


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Had a somewhat similar case here in Orange County several years ago. A local high school coach, a real stud, posed for a nude centerfold spread for Play Girl magazine. When the magazine came to the attention of the local Board of Education the guy was immediately fired. He sued and won big. No where in the districts teacher code of behavior did it forbid a teacher from posing nude for a national magazine. The Board paid him off and immediately changed its rules of teacher conduct. The guy eventually quit and lived off his settlement. One of the female staff members at my school got a copy and passed it around in the faculty lounge during lunch. We were all had a good laugh and were thrilled to see he won in court.

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