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Guest Justin7402

Are there any gay friendly male strip clubs im Vegas? I tried searching but they all seem pretty female focused.

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On 7/29/2022 at 6:14 AM, The Big Guy said:

I have been traveling to Vegas for 30 years and while I have been in many gay clubs I am yet to find one that consistently has male strippers. ……sigh

Fifteen or so years ago - a year when work sent me to LV almost 20 times - I was told of a seedy club in a warehouse which had both male strippers and open sex. It was on the west side of the highway. I drove over there, paid the exorbitant cover charge only to find naked women playing with their hoochies instead of the hot men I expected. I left pretty quickly.

The guy at the door stopped me on my way out to ask why I was leaving so soon, When I explained he said they used to have men but there was little market for that in LV. He explained the change to women was quick and recent and done out of financial necessity. He directed me to Commercial Center where there were two bathhouses - or technically one bath and one gay gym with open sex. 

I went to the bathhouse and had a great time. Bonus: after plowing a hot man I invited him to my hotel room. We decided to get something to eat first and went across the parking lot to Lotus of Siam, which turned out to be IMO the best Thai restaurant in the US. I have been back there many times, brought friends and sent people there. Everyone loves the place. A few blatantly asked if I had been to any of the gay establishments in the Center but I usually plead the Fifth. 

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54 minutes ago, BananaBagel said:

I see Kuma too. Maybe that’s newer?

Kuma is the newest, 3rd bathhouse in Las Vegas.  Entourage and Hawks are in Commercial Center, near the gay bars Badlands and Spotlight Lounge.  Kuma is in the Fruit Loop, near the gay bars Piranha, Freezone, Quadz.

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14 minutes ago, Lucky said:

@Vegas_nw1982 What is a Fruit Loop?

The Fruit Loop is an area of Las Vegas near UNLV that contains multiple gay bars, nightclubs, gay bookstore, and bathhouse.  It gets its "loop" name from the one-way streets in the area that lead to/from McCarran airport.  In order to find a parking spot in the area, one often has to loop around the one way streets, especially if you miss your driveway and have to go around again.

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On 9/19/2022 at 7:58 PM, nycman said:

It looks like the Lotus of Siam near the bathhouses closed but there is another location in town….


Just FYI.

Thanks for the info. I have gone down the rabbit hole and the situation is murky. Lotus of Siam opened a second location. I know the last time I was at the first location, with my teen nieces and nephew, we made our reservation the day before and the only time available was the last seating. When we were there, they had to turn away dozens of people. And the place was big. From what I read the second location is not quite as good. The first location has been temporarily closed but will be reopening. A third location will be opening by the end of the year at Red Rock's Casino. 

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I’ve been to all of the big male revues in Las Vegas (Chippendales, Thunder From Down Under, Aussie Heat, Magic Mike Live).

Aussie Heat is without question the most gay-friendly. They’ll bump and grind on men in the audience and regularly bring men on stage. There’s still quite a bit of “hetero women” material in the show, but I’ve never felt awkward being there.

The other shows will allow men in, but don’t really acknowledge gay men or bring them on stage. You might get some acknowledgment from Chippendales on a slow night, but usually not. 

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6 hours ago, BenjaminNicholas said:

Through the grapevine, I've heard that the reincarnation of Gipsy is finally open.  It's been closed for nearly a decade.

From the pics on their website, while it's not a full-on male strip joint, they definitely have go-go boys.



Thanks for sharing.  I was unaware it had reopened.  I may check it out.  Although I did not see pictures or mention of go-go boys.  They mention drag, burlesque, and acrobats, but no go-go.  We shall see!

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