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10.5" - I need to know more

Muscle Lover 2

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35 minutes ago, Muscle Lover 2 said:


Anyone have the 4-1-1 on this 6'6, big-dicked man?   Appears that he first came onto the site in April of this year.

If you use the search function you will find plenty of info on him.  Including comments from folks who have met him in person.  The search box is your friend. 


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Talk about coincidence lol. I was on my alternate NSFW Twitter account like an hour ago, and I saw a tweet from a popular GH in the U.K. where the guy is devouring this super long endowment. I noticed Mr. Super Long's Twitter account is based in the USA. 

I come on here, click this thread, go to MHJ's RM page and request for private pics where he sends a link to his OF. Turns out Mr. Super Long I saw in the video is MHJ hahaha. 

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