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Cinderella on Amazon Prime


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Streaming on Amazon Prime is the re-imagining of Cinderella .


The Prince is played by Nicholas Galitzine.  A good choice.  He was in the movie Handsome Devil, on Netflix. 

Side Note  Handsome Devil was WAY better than the reviews IMO.

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother is played by Billy Porter.  He's great.  Most of the cast is pretty good.  

But this isn't something I'd consider watching again.  







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If a reimagining needs to have the same title that all the other “reimaginings” prior to it, then I guess “imagine” “imagination” and “imaginary” must mean something other than what it always has before streaming content made it its own term.
It’s marketed as Cinderella.

You want to reimagine the story? Tell us the harrowing tale of the Fairy Godmother and the sacrificial bargain he made in order to get the wand that bestows The Fab onto a disadvantaged, plain girl with potential. 

For me, last time a fairy tale had a real, intelligent, hilarious re-working while keeping signature moments of the story, was Sondheim’s 1986’s Into The Woods, with Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Red Riding Hood all taking new darker shapes, interwoven with each other for the creation of a new moral to the story

Children will listen.

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My reworking of Cinderella would have the Prince being a bit too handsy and Cinderella escaping only to be harassed by the obsessive Prince for years.  He becomes king, she commits regicide and is convicted and executed.  The evil step sisters as it turns out, had blackmailed the young prince after he had harassed and tried to rape each of them.  Their plan was to embarrass, discredit and torture Cinderella, who as it turns out, would have been the sole heir to the stepmother's fortune which was spent on the legal defense for Cinderella by her loving step mother. The step mother was actually her biologic mother.  Cinderella was conceived through artificial insemination and the step mother found out that her donated eggs has been used in Cinfy's conception.   Dead prince,  Dead Cindy.  Impoverished and disgraced step sisters {half sisters} Despondent and eventually suicidal {step} mother.    

Fair godmother was another of the prince's victims and joined the plot for revenge.   

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