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Is there a fine line between chubby and obese?

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I had made arrangements with a new on the reviews, well reviewed escort who was traveling through NYC. Arrangements had been worked out over a series of e-mails and I think one brief phone call. On the day of the appointment, I sent an e-mail confirming that I was leaving for the appointment and I received an immediate reply from the escort stating that he was looking forward to it as long as I was not obese. "Chubby is okay but I don't do obese." was the quote. I describe myself in my first contact with a prospective escort and give height and weight. Of course 5 10 250 comes in all different shapes but add in an age over 50 and the shapes tend to the globular side.

Now I don't think about myself as either obese or chubby, though some may. I think of myself as robust when I am in a generous mood and fat when I am not. I cancelled the appointment and was grateful he finally mentioned his preference and was glad not to receive a rejection at the door.

So two questions arise: Is one man's chubby another man's obese?

Escorts, have you ever rejected a client at the door because of his physical appearance? Clients, have you ever been rejected by an escort?

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RE: a clinical answer


Great link. Thanks, Dick.


For me "chubby" is a term that applies to someone under the age of 18. Although most people may not agree, I typically feel that "chubby) describes a temporary condition that usually goes away when someone reaches their adult height.


In my particular case, my overweight (chubby) condition went away after puberty and a stint in the Navy. But, with age, my lost weight has found me and I honestly describe myself to others as fat. (Not quite sure I like the politically-correct term obese - I think FAT is much more honest.)


I also make sure all escorts are aware of my size (6' 4" and 275 lbs) before we book our first appointment.

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Guest josephga

Ive always had the reverse problem. I'm 6'4 and weigh 190 lbs

but until i reached the age of 30 i weighed around 170 its always been hard for me too gain weight..

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I did not question as to whether I was clinically obese. By strictest

definitions most people over 40 in the US would be clinically obese. I pretty much said that I do not consider myself either chubby or obese rather using the terms robust and fat.

My questions, which no one has actually answered, was have you as a client ever been rejected by an escort at the door? Escorts have you ever rejected a client because of appearance?

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>My questions, which no one has actually answered, was have you

>as a client ever been rejected by an escort at the door?


No, not at the door. But on two or three occasions via email due to the circumstances you describe. So of course that means the answer to your second question is yes.



>Escorts have you ever rejected a client because of appearance?

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In your OP you did ask "Is one man's chubby another man's obese?" IMO at 5'-10" and 250 lbs you are at least obese. Up to 200 I would say chubby. Ideally you should be around 160 to 175 lbs. On average, this is what our fathers were 50 years ago (if you are over 50 as you say).


Obesity is an international epidemic, both in the developed and in developing countries. Today CNN reported that 8 percent of adult Americans were diabetic, most Type II which is mostly caused by being overweight. This is a huge number.


I am 61 and 5' 11" and weigh 170 lbs. I've never weighed above 180 and been as low as 160 as an adult (in my 30's). I eat as much as I want but exercise regularly and only eat healthy foods. No junk food. Rarely rich deserts. Lots of veggies, fruits etc and no salt or sugar added in the kitchen or at the table. I drink moderately, usually one liquor based drink a day and a couple of glasses of wine for dinner. At the bars, I drink diet coke.


At restaurants I avoid fatty sounding meals. At an early age I visited Europe for a prolonged visit and saw how they ate, lots of fish, salads, wine, small portions of meat etc. It works! There's no magic to it. And only three meals a day, no snacks in between or before bed.


These are lifelong habits. One has to avoid all the crap one reads and sees in the media, diets, fads, etc. Stick to the basics and you can regain your correct weight! But take it gradually. ;-)

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>So two questions arise: Is one man's chubby another man's



Since both terms are subjective, I would have to say yes. We are all attracted to different "types", and what might be "too young" or "too chubby" or "too butch" for some might be "too old" or "too slim" or "too nellie" for others.


>Escorts, have you ever rejected a client at the door

>because of his physical appearance?


I have never rejected a client "at the door", nor would I unless there were:


a) serious hygiene issues that couldn't (or wouldn't) be helped by a little fun time in the shower! ;-) , or


b) serious safety issues involving client misrepresentation of who he was and/or what he was looking to do.


I, like everyone else, am attracted to certain types of people. If a client is asking for a certain type of activity that is dependent upon a certain portion of my anatomy rising to the occasion ;-) , then I need accurate information from the client to make sure that I can accomodate his requests.


In my case, I am only sexually attracted to mature guys (always have been), and I make a point of that up front. If someone who is "not my type" were to arrange a get-together with me and NOT provide me with accurate information about him, I would probably opt out once he showed up at the door... not because he was "not my type" physically, but because he had lied to me about something specific that I had said was important to me.


In my view, the interactions between escort and client are extremely intimate, and a great deal of trust needs to be built up in a very short period of time (often just minutes) if the appointment/date/weekend is going to be successful. Any lying on the part of the escort OR client can destroy any hope for that trust to be established, making anything that follows unlikely to succeed. (And we all want to suck seed, right? ;-) )


So bottom line? Be as open and honest as you can about who you are and what kind of a get-together you are looking for, and demand the same level of honesty from any escort that you arrange to meet with. Some may not be your type, and for some you may not be theirs, so increase your chances for an enjoyable encounter by taking the time up front to communicate your needs and expectations AND find out those of the escort that you would like to meet with.


Good luck!

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Thanks for the information but you assume and quite boldly I might say, that I have a desire to have a physique similiar to yours. I, in fact consider being 5'11 and 170, petite and really not that attractive, but to each his own.

And while you might not view a physique such as mine to be one to which you would aspire, most of the time, I am quite content.


The question posed, was not am I chubby or obese. Though that is the question most of posters here have decided to answer. The question regarded being rejected or rejecting someone at the door.

As I mentioned in the original post, the escort in question had my basic data when I first contacted him and chose to make weight an issue only as I was leaving for the appointment, some two weeks and several contacts later. Even there, I expressed gratitude for his finally getting around to bringing the subject up prior actually wasting my time going to his place. There is now a new thread about this escort where he again cancelled a client after making arrangements. That cancellation was for another reason entirely, but perhaps bears on my interaction with him.



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While your focus is completely on the aesthetics involved in physiques of a particular type, my concerns also include health factors. Once your weight exceeds the "normal" range for your height and body type, you run the risk of developing all sorts of health problems as you age. Even if you consider it to be attractive to have extra girth, your heart and other body organs don't appreciate it as much.


Studies have shown that the size of your waist will often determine the risk of heart attacks, that is the amount of fat on your belly. I have read that anything above 40 inches on an adult male is asking for trouble. So apart from any question of what you might find attractive in the male form, you probably would not find it particularly desirable ending up as an invalid or worse because of a heart attack or stroke. :-(

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