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What about this name is unusual? Mom is ????

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While I don't think the SWA agent should have posted a pic of the boarding bass, mom did more harm to the kid by naming her "Abcde" than did the agent.

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That name isn’t bad. I went to college with a guy named Stoney(real name not nickname. Parents were hippies living in a commune and were stoned when he was conceived) and a gal and I don’t know how her parents got away with it and also her real name Sluttee (Slut-tay)

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Parents condemn their children to a life of being asked how do you spell that and the sense of exclusion that goes with that. A name is more than what you are called, it is how you are first viewed by yourself and others. Unusual names may add to the idea of them being a strange person. Names which are difficult to pronounce are isolating If It is not the name that is going to make the child special, it is the qualities they possess, why make life more difficult than it otherwise needs to be. One would think naming a child Adolph diminishes chances for success not to mention the questioning of is that Adolf or Adolph.

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A friend of a friend was interviewing job candidates and had to ask one of them how to pronounce her name. The reply was "Va-high-na."


I'll let y'all guess how it was spelled.


PS: Having met the friend on several occasions I can vouch for the fact that she was NOT making that up!

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I’ll let you play with this one...you can’t make this up,,,life as comedy:


Orville Kellar Dick. His friends called him “O.K.??” I wonder if his wife’s maiden name was Green, or Brown, or White... so much wrong in the lack of anticipation of the possibilities




I don't understand why his wife needed a color as her maiden name.



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