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Sometimes You Just Have To Say WTF!

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I love that he's willing to sign a consent form. That might offer the dentist some protection in a civil suit but wouldn't save his license I expect.


Do you really want to be thrashing about jerking and coming when your teeth are coming out? :-O

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So I grabbed him by the balls and said: "
You hurt me; I hurt you.

and he held up the Nitrous oxide mask and: "
And if I make you feel good


OK, so it didn't go down that way.


However, he was young, football quarter back fit, red head, with a hairy chest, liked to get in close, went Comando, and smelled so good.


Wasn't the least bit upset that I was enjoying myself a bit too much. I miss Orange County.

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I'm curious if the OP's mother, while pregnant with him, may have seen Little Shop of Horrors? :eek:


Remember in the movie how mad the dentist/sadist gets when his masochistic patient gets off on the pain. Steve Martin and Bill Murray played the parts as I recall. :D

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