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Dicks in Phoenix

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Strangely this place has been around for years. No alcohol and gets spendy fast...the guys turn over slowly. Some are a bit interactive in the quasi private section. Which can reach $200.00 quickly. Check out their discount nights in ion.az magazine.





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I paid a visit to Dick's this past week and was pleasantly surprised. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I had fun. There was a nice variety of dancers, from twink to muscle hunks, and they put a good amount of effort into their stage routines.


I went on a Wednesday so admission was only $5, but your wallet will get emptied out soon enough. I did private dances with four different guys, and three of the four did a really good job (the fourth would be in the "calling it in" category). But three out of four aint bad, and they do get fully naked for you, up close and personal. In the main room the dancers are quite assertive in marketing themselves, but it was all very friendly and I did not mind. My favorite guy was perhaps the least assertive, which I liked, but when I looked over to him and caught his eye he came over right away.


As for other Phoenix stuff, there is a group of male dancers called Wild Men of the West (WMW) Productions. I saw some of their dancers at Cruisin' on 7th, and the Anvil. If you scan the bar sites or check the WMW Facebook page you can figure out where they'll be dancing. Nice hunky guys, very friendly and nice to look at, and private dances are available. Not fully nude since they're in bars, but what they do wear is pretty minimal and very tantalizing.


That is my report from the field, gents and ladies.

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My first visit to Dick's last night, despite being a long-time Arizona resident. Had feared it'd be a twink-fest - or something.


Not busy at all for a Friday night, but still paid a $20 cover. A few bachelorettes, but that didn't bother me. No alcohol. $3 Cokes and $5 water!! $20 wrist band required for the privates/VIP area, $20/song privates, plus some sort of Platinum room if you really want to get down. There are various significant discounts on other nights. Check website.


Decent number of straight/straight-ish dancers and several came by to chat. One dude appealed, Atlas, and I did a three-song gig with him. Others would've been just as fun, I bet. Regular succession of dancers on stage eventually get fully naked, but never hard, it seems. Currently, the room is fairly small with a couple rows of comfy single chairs facing the close stage. Some building code updates being done now might alter the layout at some point.


Very casual and friendly. Stock it ain't, but not bad at all, especially if you arrive on a discount day of the week and/or at least print up the discount coupon online. Also, don't worry about the neighborhood. Parking also available in back.

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another forum member and I hit Dick's again a few days ago (Saturday 9:30-11:15)......we go together every few months and Dick's keeps plugging along......same old various deals on various nights......my 2016 post just above still mostly applies.......it has always been very quiet for the forum buddy and I when we go because we don't stay late, but the dancers insist it does get busy late.......at one point, we were the only customers on this Saturday night.......occasional lapses in the otherwise continuous stage shows.......again, it very definitely is not Swinging Richard's or Stock/Campus......as always, you'll have to decide who appeals to you -- and politely fend off the ones who wander by who don't......"interaction" during a private in the VIP area can vary wildly, so chat up your intended first, if that's important to you.......




toward the back of each issue in IonAz is a Dick's ad and also a weekly schedule chart with deals for Dick's, among other Phx clubs......PDF download



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