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I want to honor Tyro. After my first two years of lurking on the forum, the very first member to welcome me when I signed onto this wonderful place was Tyro! Thank you, beautiful lady and...


-----------------HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


TruHart1 :cool:

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Well! This is a surprise. However, I should have realized it as I always have felt a certain connection as we are not only fellow Aquarians but fellow Februarians as well!


According to the Urban Dictionary Februarians are awesome, cool, funny, and nice. That hardly describes me, but it certainly describes how you come across in this forum!


Still something tells me that we both might just be wishing for a similar type of Birthday present! ;)



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Happy birthday, darling. I hope coming year is the best year ever, only to be exceeded by the next year, and the year after that, and...

As much as I like the verb exceeded, I fully expected you to say topped....... :)


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