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A backpage ad that is different

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I'm not that familiar with Backpage and how it's set up -- but how do we know that they're not providing services for women only?


The escort will usually say if he only provides to women in the ad. If they don't say, it never hurts to ask them if they take male clients. They'll either say yes, no, or maybe depending on what you're looking for.


There are str8 guys on there that will openly say that they take male clients.

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The smallest one appears to be female, no?




At first glance, maybe, but when you look at the picture you see it is a man.


Still looked like a female to me. And I was assuming that was 'Pepper' which also sounds feminine. I wonder what our female members - FreshFluff, Tyro, and QTR think.



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I saw that ad earlier today and went: "Hummm" I think one of them is just my type; but if I had the money, which number would I call?


Dibs on the short one!


This is definitely a group to take to "Charlies Underwear Night" but I'd insist that they keep their hats and boots on. I'm sure they'd have a blast.




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