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Monday's lineup included:


1. Raphael: new to the G., he's a Montreal Stock dancer. Has youthful good looks, puts on a very seductive stage show, and is truly enjoying his stay in NYC.:9


2. TJ: this week's featured dancer. He has an amazing body. Great muscular build and soild tree trunk legs. His charm and friendly personality are quite evident on stage.


3. Vince: new to the G., he's from Florida and is extremely handsome. He has a tight slender build, with blond/brown hair, and sparkling eyes.


4. Alex: a Campus dancer from Montreal. He's tall with blond hair and blue eyes. Solid muscular build with awesome pecs and abs.


5. Roland: Ronnie's twin brother going solo this week. He entered wearing a NYPD cops uniform with his night stick bulging from inside his pants.


6. Little Anthony: also new to the G., he's a very young/cute looking twink. He's from SF and dances at Nob Hill. He's short in height, but big where it counts.


7. Mark: from LA. He's a very polished dancer with mature good looks and a solid medium build.


8. Victor of Brazil: he's very muscular, with a hairy body and a dark complexion. He's handsome and very, very well endowed.


Details to follow.... It was good seeing and chatting with board members "shy" and "jaynnj" at today's show... It was a slow Monday, several ringside seats were available and the tips were few.

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Thanks Cooper for the early lineup. I'm looking forward to the details later on. Sure was sorry not being there today. So what happened to Johnny? I thought he was going to be there this week. I was looking forward to seeing on stage again. Anybody know anything? Please, please...

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Who's Who in the lineup:


1. Raphael: http;//www.stockbar.ca/stock/html/galleryraphael/index.htm

A good looking 20yo. from Montreal who made his G-debut this weekend.

He's 6', weighs 190, and has a tight muscular build. He has short dark hair, brown eyes, and dresses well. He entered stage dancing to the song "La Marche de la Lune" and put on a very seductive routine. He's becoming more and more comfortable on stage and pulled off some fine moves. He did some playful crawling and some arousing stage pounding. He has good eye contact and wins you over with his "innocent" boyish smile.. Second number he enters to the song "Have you ever been in love", and reveals a smooth muscular upper body, with a thick uncut cock, low hanging balls, and a nice bubble butt. A welcomed addition to the G-lineup.


2. TJ: truly a class act. This former Playgirl centerfold is tall, dark, and handsome. He wore leather pants and a white shirt with muscles bulging through. As he unbuttons his shirt, he reveals a ripped chest with well defined abs, and a few tattoos. TJ puts on a fine show and does some very sensual moves, including body waves to accent every muscle. TJ is in excellent shape, has thick legs, and a cock with a fat mushroom head. He's very popular among the G-men.


3. Vince: made his G-debut this weekend. He probably won the HS award for best looking. He has blond/brown hair, gorgeous looks, is average height, and has a tight slender muscular build. Vince enters stage wearing a ski cap, an AX T-shirt, and jeans.His dance routine consists of body twisting and arm spinning. Plus, he does some arousing butt slapping with his belt. A good show! Vince is another fine new addition to the lineup.


4. Alex: a good looking dancer from Montreal who also dances at Campus. He's a tall blond with blue eyes. He has a very muscular upper body with well defined abs and pecs. His show is a mixture of dancing and body posing/flexing. Alex is one of "jaynnj" favorites and Alex gave him some very special attention by flexing his abs and pointing his erect dick in his direction. Alex is always a pleasure to see in the lineup.


5. Roland: dancing solo this week. He enters stage dressed as a police officer and slowly strips down revealing an amazing ripped body with a very noticable big bulge in his briefs. He has a well defined chest, solid muscular arms, and a few tattoos (one is the initial "R" to identify him from his twin). He's a good dancer and will win you over with his killer smile and steady glances. Second number is hightlight not only by his long thick cock and fat balls, but by a nude head stand which shows off his tight butt quite well.


6. Anthony: the 3rd newcomer in this week's lineup. He's the youngest looking dancer to hit the G-stage in quite some time. I guess he's the Taboo type. He also dances at Nob Hill and hopes to become a regular at the G. Anthony is short, with a twinks build, has slight hair in his armpits, and is doing a fine job on stage. He has likeable good looks, with thick dark eyebrows, dark eyes/hair. When he opened his mouth, I did notice he had a pierced tongue. Anthony told me his week is off to a good start and he has many requests for a private show. Good luck!


7. Mark from LA: He puts on a very professional stage show, with good eye contact, friendly smile, and fine dancing. Mark has dark hair, a tight slender muscular build, and mature good looks. He enters stage wearing a black shirt and red fly away gym pants. He's a classy guy. Second number is done in slow motion and is very sensuous.


8. Victor of Brazil. a G-regular with a dark complexion and a very solid muscular build. He has a shaved head and a hairy body. He entered stage looking very relaxed wearing clam diggers and a t-shirt. Victor's stage show was cut short, perhaps the only thing short, and still came out with a very erect and very thick cock. He's in excellent shape and has an amazing solid bubble butt.


If you need more info. just ask. As always, these are my opinions from under the blue light.

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Guest JohnPela



Thanks for your detailed review and I got to read it before bed time. I just got home from my weekend NYC trip. Had a great time. I enjoyed seeing the G-spots performances with you and Lucky. Also getting to talk to ya'll over dinner and Stellas. Ya'll are certainly great NYC hosts to out-of-town message center frequent posters.


Sorry, I missed the 1:30 pm Monday afternoon Gaiety show. There was a reported Ben Versace sighting and I just had to check it out. You know its really a funny thing- NYC for being such a large city, its funny how you run into people. Who would have thought that I would run into Ben Versace several times this weekend and not at the Gaiety! Also outside the W Hotel I saw one of the straight guys from "Queer Eye" program - he was the handsome guy that proposed marriage to his Armenian girl friend.


BTW, I'll provide my answer to you and Lucky's question from last week's lineup of my favorite. Big surprise- my favorite performer was Ben Versace. He had the most creative and talented entertaining show combined with dancing, emotion, humor, great eye contact, good surprise stage entrance from the side, funny second number chef's outfit (Will Cook For Great Sex apron), great smile and very handsome face, beautiful body and large/thick dick.


Little Anthony was hot in a young/twink way. Vince was very handsome. Usually I have a problem remembering names but not Vince's name. Raphael gave a very sexy performance and every show he learned much more and was really in to pleasing the crowd-even including being spanked with a belt by a lucky patron. Marlone had a very good performance. Most of the dancers were very good whether they were body builder type, twinks or in between body types. The LeCour brothers were very good.


All in all a great weekend in NYC. Pardon me for posting last week's favorites on this week but by the time I got home last week's review is over with.

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<<I guess he's the Taboo type. >>


agewise, anthony is the taboo type, but he's not really skinny enough.


victor did not dance in the 2nd show; no idea why he might have been thrown in as the 8th dancer in the first show for two very abbreviated songs. also don't know if he'll be there any further in the week. maybe denise was a little nervous after the disappearance of the adonis brothers saturday, and wanted to have a standby.


re: comments in earlier thread about vince maybe one of the top ten handsomest men...after a 2nd and 3rd look today, my opinion is that he would make the list, but tied with 500 or so for the 10th spot, as the competition is so tough. on a more personal note: after not budging on only having 45 minutes available for a private rather than an hour, i passed on doing a second private with him. this at 4:30 and he didn't have to be back til 7, as he said he had been moved from the 3rd dancer position to the last position in the next show. i'm sure i'll find a way to put the $200 to good use. (tried tj, but by that time he'd already been booked after his 6:00 show). don't wait til the last minute to book the popular tj!

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Thank you once again for a very informative review - I always enjoy reading about who is appearing at the Gaiety. I have to agree that TJ is very much a class act. TJ was in the lineup of the first Gaiety show that I saw, about six years ago, and he has been my absolute favorite ever since. Have you heard any more about the website TJ was developing?


Keep up the great work - it's very much appreciated.



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I only paid $200.00 for an hour and he never question that.

But this was his first weekend doing this and he was talking to

a lot of the other boys there that were getting more, so he

might have been influenced by them. But I can only say what I paid.


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Lucky, I should have done a little more research before I posted my other statement, but I just called Anthony and he said, he did ask for $400.00 from a couple of people that were asking for very above normal sessions. S&M and longer than hour. But he said that is not the normal rate.


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>I had heard that he wanted $400, but I didn't know the

>customer wanted S & M, etc!! Thanks for the info.


A friend of mine spoke with Anthony on Sat. night regarding a private. Anthony told him he did 3 privates, 1 for 300 and 2 for 400. When he asked if he would do one for 200, he turned him down. Nothing was mentioned about S & M... Perhaps by Sun. Anthony had come to his senses and realized he was passing up on too many potential clients. As a newcomer to the G, he should be more concerned about building up a client base and getting the word out on his private... Happy to hear he gives a good one... He's just way too young looking for my taste, but I guess that's what makes him attractive to some patrons.... My favorites this week are Raphael, a super nice guy with amazing good looks, I hear he gives a very satisfying private, :9 plus, the very handsome Vince, and the classy featured dancer and model, TJ.

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<<and has a tight muscular build.....and a nice bubble butt.>>


coop, great review of all the dancers, they were all right on, especially the detailed description of raphael. i just have a slightly different slant on the two descriptions quoted above. i thought his body should maybe described as nicely built, maybe swimmers body, but not muscular. i also thought he had a nice looking butt, but not in the category of "nice bubble butt". then again, maybe nicholas' butt(from montreal) is too high a standard to judge others' butts by!

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Hi Samai,


No, he uses Alex at Campus too.


I'm surprised you're not more interested in Raphael. I seem to recall you liked him, but maybe I'm mistaken.


Saw your question on Sylvio, he's been at the G a few times too. I do not know him at all, very handsome guy.


Hope you enjoyed your trip up north.

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>coop, great review of all the dancers, they were all right on,

>especially the detailed description of raphael. i just have a

>slightly different slant on the two descriptions quoted above.

> i thought his body should maybe described as nicely built,

>maybe swimmers body, but not muscular. i also thought he had

>a nice looking butt, but not in the category of "nice bubble

>butt". then again, maybe nicholas' butt(from montreal) is too

>high a standard to judge others' butts by!


Shy: fortunately, we have recent pictures on this one: http://www.stockbar.ca/stock/html/galleryraphael/index.htm


Hope this helps in understanding my choice of words. :+ I did leave out those amazing broad shoulders and size 12 foot... Shy, thanks for reading my reviews so closely, I thought only John Pela did that. Btw, today, I saw dancer Felipe walking on 46th St. He was extremely well dressed, wearing designer sunglasses, and looking very sexy. Walking the streets of Times Square does have it's advantages.

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>Me too! Incidentally, I heard tht Tino Lopez is scheduled to

>return to the G on the 10th of October. Antonio, however, will

>not be joining him.


Also, JOEY JORDAN has posted that he'll be at the G from 10/2 to 10/7.

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