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Top Escorts According to Posters

Guest DVS
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Hey Guys,


I was think about compiling a list of the top escorts in the U.S. by City. I hope everyone will participate and vote for their favorite. Please vote for as many in your city as you wish with the 1st escort being the best or most preferred. I know not everyone travels but vote for your state or cities escort. IF there is a city I have missed just add it if there are enough results I will include it in the finally tally. The official tally will be completed and posted by Wednesday of Next week to allow all a chance to vote.


The results cannot be tainted since each post will show here. Most of us all know the credability of the posters here so we can still weed out in our own opinions the ones we may think may not count but I will do no editing in the final tally weeding out will be up to you guys to determine. This should help us determine which escorts have a proven record with the people here who post or as I refer to you guys as the "BOARD".


I will then tally the results and post them in a new thread. I am only going to do the hot spots to keep the list short and convenient. When replying use the reply with quote button and fill in your choice by city. Please only vouch for escorts whom you have personally hired. Hopefully we can create a list that us seasoned vets could use when travelling or importing. Happy Hiring Your comments are always welcome! :-)












Las Vegas:


Los Angeles:










San Diego:


San Francisco:


Washington, D.C.:[b\]

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I am a twinklover... so my favorites all fit into that genre! There are so many boys, and so little time! :) But here are the ones that really, really stand out in my mind!


NYC: Justin #2 (Campus Escorts)

San Antonio: Bryan Young

Honolulu: Joey Adams


Have hired a bunch of decent, cute, fun ones in SF, LA, and Chicago too, but they are not quite to the twink "hall of fame" like these three are!

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Guest dcdave

Boston: John Stone


LAs Vegas: Zachery Scott


Orlando: Michael Vicenzo


San Frnacisco: Jake Walker

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Guest WestTxGuy

Dallas: #1 - Dain; #2 - Tony; #3 - Alex


But it's very close--all three are excellent.


Houston: #1 - Quinte (emeritus ranking since he retired)

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After the totally ludicrous 'Top Ten Escorts of the Year' Hooboy came up with in 1999 (a honor roll which was headed by Aaron Lawrence & included BillyBoy, Steve Teron, and maybe even SeanWorldEscort!), I'd have thought that any such 'polling' would be seen for the pointless (even when not rigged) exercise it is.


Yet someone did a feeble variant on it at the end of last year, and now we have this proposal. Well, there's no harm done by it, I suppose, and you guys are obviously having fun putting up those favorites' names. But until all clients share precisely the same tastes, 'scene' requirements,(and even financial resources); and until all escorts are operating in all cities at all times, nothing even vaguely close to consensus could ever come about. All you can have is a whole bunch of individually drawn-up hit parades.


We're not just talking apples & oranges here. We're talking peaches, mangos, cherries, kumquats, persimmons,jujubes, & you-name-it. Tutti frutti!


Any statiticians out there who can express the futility of all this in a simple, telling phrase?


Meanwhile, have fun, guys!

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Guest alanm

I agree with CZ. HooBoy's Honor Roll was very subjective as would anyone else's. Just read the review, and especially the escort responses. Also follow the discussion on the forums. Aaron Lawrence is a great person, but does not appeal to me sexually at all. Anyone with any experience doesn't need polls.

But, I guess it's fun in a way.

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Guest Rookie



I appreciate what you are attempting to do. But, it never ceases to amaze me how people could vote simply for the "best" escort in a city. I would suggest that it would be much more helpful to all of us if you would at least break the list into 'BEST TOP' and 'BEST BOTTOM' and possibly 'BEST VERSATILE' Escort. Others might also appreciate the additional categories of 'Best Kisser' or 'Best Cuddler' -- or even 'Best Oral' or something like that.


Frankly, I am into twink bottoms and so, I'd be really interested in knowing about the 'Best Bottom' or 'Best Versatile.' I really don't care much about the 'Best Top' -- but, I suppose there are others out there who do. :) And, who knows, someday I might decide to hire one just to see what the fuss is all about!


I'll submit my votes on a separate post. But, I wish you would consider my suggestion.




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San Francisco: Derek (although he is retired now) TOP

Willie (from Nob Hill theatre) #2

Los Angeles: Brett Silvers #1 TOP (sometimes bottom)

Jay #2 (best at oral)

San Diego: Ted Stevens (major bottom and HOTTTTTT)

London: Alex (reviewed here as Alex #2) (bottom)

Peter (recently moved to San Fran)

Miami: Federico (not reviewed by his choice) (bottom)

New York: Jason Coxx (versatile)

Atlanta: Tony Cummings (bottom)

Vancouver: Matt, of course (top)

New Jersey: Derek Gallan (versatile)

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Guest JustANametoPlay

I think the thread was started in fun. Everyone take a breath, no harm no foul.



Jeff I have never even heard of Fedrico, would be interested on any info you might have on him such as a web site or where I might see some info on him. Feel free to email me privately at JustaNametoplay@mediaone.net

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I did consider it and have not ruled it out. However usually this type of info can be found in the reviews for all to see.


What I was eluding to was escorts who could be trusted based on the clients experiences. I am assuming most who vote will have submitted reviews where tender information can be found. This is merely a concensus all flavors are still different and perceptions equally as different. However majority still rules and the experience of most of the posters here far outway that of a newbie when it comes to spending your money and not getting hustled. I am not focusing on the negative but the positive to get something tangible to the posters here.


If you feel voting would not suit you that is your choice and I respect that but others here at this site are still entitled to their opinions and how it factors across the board.


I hope anyone skeptical will reconsider and at least give it a shot since your opinion is as valid as the next guy. I don't imagine the people with credit here would be too misleading except were in they are not known to the deli and lounge forums.


We all have people on this board whom we feel hold more weight or share the same feeling as ourselves and maybe we can find some talent when traveling.


Give it a shot I will try to improve on this thread in another post later after the initial tally and then add rankings and services to the list.

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Guest Traveler

Atlanta: Tony Cummings (possibly the best sex in my life)

Orlando: Michael Vincenzo (absolutely incredible)

SF: Rick (a wonderful guy, if you're not "hung up" on size)

Austin: Jody (I know this city wasn't on your list, but he was truly unforgettable)

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>I would

>suggest that it would be

>much more helpful to all

>of us if you would

>at least break the list

>into 'BEST TOP' and 'BEST

>BOTTOM' and possibly 'BEST VERSATILE'

>Escort. Others might also

>appreciate the additional categories of

>'Best Kisser' or 'Best Cuddler'

>-- or even 'Best Oral'

>or something like that.


Hey, Rookie, that's exactly what I tried to do earlier this year when one of our fellow posters initiated a poll on the best escort for 2000. My contribution (which should be buried somewhere in the archives of this board) was categorized as "informative", but containing "too many notes, Mr. Mozart", and therefore difficult to tally. I covered escorts mainly in New York City, where I live, but I also included working boys in cities like Amsterdam and Philly. My categories were BEST KISSER, BEST TOP (I am more of a bottom myself), BEST BOTTOM, BEST ORAL TALENTS, BEST COMPANY, BOYFRIEND MATERIAL, and maybe others I forget.


I agree with you: categorizing what escorts do can be more helpful than just blanket endorsements based on individual tastes and preferences, which can get tricky if you don't know what the author of the praise enjoys best...

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In NY.....Riccardo has a Hott Bod and was an awesome bottom but alas he is no longer escorting..I also echo the Derrick and Rick combo. Had an awesome time with Derrick and on my out of the Apt I caught a glimpse of the Monore Legend.. OOOh Yeah...



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Guest jarl

Here are some of my choices:


Las Vegas: Tony Dancer

Orlando: Alec Martinez

Los Angeles:Rod Hagen

NYC: Scott (from Maximum)

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These are listed by city, even though I saw most of them when they were passing through town.


Chicago: Joshua Daulton, hands down (pun intended)

Chicago honorable mention: CoreyChicago (haven't met yet but we will)

Boston: Marco Romano

Vancouver, BC: Matt

Orlando: Michael Vincenzo

Washington, DC: Talvin DeMachio

Las Vegas: Stefan LaCoste

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I don't have a lot of cities to list (and some guys I met at other locations). When I find someone special, I tend to want to go back again and again.


Atlanta: Baron

Orlando: Michael Vincenzo

Philly/NYC: Eric Magyar

Washington DC: Zach

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Guest LG320126

Las Vegas: Stephan Lacoste

Nashville: SmallTownJohn1

Cleveland: Dorain Ray (A well kept secret)

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Atlanta: Bob (not escorting anymore, real 10"x7", superb top, top 10 all time)


Boston: No vote (only 2 escorts I saw in Boston were terrible0


Chicago: Eric (not escorting anymore, real 9"x7", superb top, hungry bottom!, top 10 all time)


Dallas: No vote (several escorts seen there, none memorable)


Houston: No vote (several escorts seen there, one memorable, can't remember his name, was years ago)


Las Vegas: No vote (no one available that is my type when I was there)


Los Angeles: Mark (no longer escorting, real 8 1/2"x7", aggressive, affectionate top, top 10 all time)


Orlando: Alec Martinez (saw him in Philadelphia, 9 1/2 x 6 1/2", uncut, superb top, hungry bottom, top 10 alltime)


Philadelphia: Steve (Premiere, not on website, superb top, Jonathan (Premiere, not escorting any more, 8" thick, superb top, hungry slut bottom, top 10 all time), Josh (Premiere, good top, awesome bottom)


San Diego: Never been there, would like to try Craig


San Francisco: No vote (none that were exceptional)


Washington, D. C.: Bruce (TOPS, no longer escorting, 7" cut, medium thick, superb top, talented bottom, top 10 all time). Andy (TOPS, no longer escorting, 8" cut, hairy chest, football player build, non-stop bottom). Other than that, the current escort scene in DC sucks.


Another city not on list:


Seattle: Kirk Olson (past porn star and Advocate Man cover model, no longer escorting, 9" thick, hairy chest, relentless top, outstanding cocksucker, came buckets three times in and hour and fifteen minutes, maybe the best top I've ever been with).

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>Christ, this thing again?



Hahaha, Rod, I was wondering when you would notice this string.

Seriously, even though I posted a reply, I do think that whatever results come from this will have absolutely no significance or credibility. So I can sympathize with you. It's a foolish game and nothing more.

BTW, if ever I am in LA........

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