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    Well, blowing one's own horn isn't as much fun as blowing someone else's freshly shaved one, but .... I have ten or more years of experience as a Master for hire, here in Houston. And one of the best things that Body Electric ( http://www.bodyelectric.org ) teaches in their basic course is how to prolong genital manipulation, and varying it with strokes over the rest of the body, often for as much as 45 minutes, sometimes longer, and if you're a member of a massage group, like the ones available at my site at http://www.SumHou.com , you can have it done, and do it when its your turn, by several people rather than just one, and have the turn on that it's happening to other guys at the same time. And I just got back from the fourth or fifth time I've helped to teach that course. Thanks for enlightening me, though. I had been wondering what exactly milking was. Now I know that it's something I've done, just didn't have a short name for. And I always thought that edge playing was working on the edge just beyond the bottom wanting to use the safe word - which hasn't really appealed to me. Now I know that it's really something I'm already doing, too. Wow, as they say, "Yesterday I didn't know how to spell genius, and today I are one!" }(
  2. I know it isn't terribly witty or funny, but I simply can't resist mentioning Fancy Pace-Lawrence.
  3. There's probably somewhere on every continuum where it starts (or stops) being appealing to us.
  4. Firm massage of the belly/groin area is so stimulating that the masseur I go to, who is very, very serious about there not being a sexual content to his massages, won't do it for anyone no matter how long you've been going to him. And it is one of the first, simplest moves taught in Body Electric's ( http://www.bodyelectric.org ) erotic massage courses. While one thing that can be very exciting about SMBD is seeing how much you can take, this is one move that I personally don't take all the way there. Taking a belly punch into an unprepared belly is how Houdini died, after all. But using it, in a way, gently, largely for its symbolic value (and, no, I am not sure what all it stands for for everyone) can be very sexy. And is an extension of what you want to do, just like a paddle is a natural extension of a hand - depending on what direction you're travelling in.
  5. I think you are correct, Jackhammer. I am the other way. I really enjoy bodypunching my clients. They like it, too.
  6. Two small disagreements with Benjamin - Myself, I like the flavored condoms, especially mint. And, as I said before, it depends on the use you're going to put them to. For an erotic massage, where there will be little or no anal penetration, baby oil is a good choice. I prefer it to coconut oil, but only because I understand that it doesn't stain your sheets as easily. (Oil stains also show less on patterned sheets than solids.) Johnson's baby oil has less baby scent than house brands and this can be masked even further, should you want, by adding just a touch of your favorite essential oil or even cologne. (Or even some interesting kinds of food extracts. Almond has a rich scent which goes with most anything, for example.) And baby oil can be heated easily. I'm not saying that ass lubes can't be, but I've never heard anyone mention doing it.
  7. It depends partly on the use. I use a number of things on asses, but for beating someone or myself off, I prefer Men's Cream. It doesn't agree with condoms, but it loves cockskin. And, when you're through, it's all turned into lanolin, just like handcream.
  8. RE: Oh? No, honey, the point of my exageration was that if I can confuse anything without a mind - such as a brick wall - how much easier would it be for me to confuse someone with a good mind? If you have known any geniuses, or if you are one yourself, you might have noticed that the greater the intellect, the less the common sense, in many cases, present company excepted I'm sure.
  9. RE: Oh? Didn't make myself clear enough. I meant the pictures of Adam of Vegas, to whose note I was responding. I could, and sometimes do, confuse a brick wall.
  10. Love your pictures, little one. Wouldn't have minded a round robin of use when you were starting, indeed. I also remember one or two young men who did come to me for advice, or so they said, and we started out by bedding. That let me say to at least one that my advice was that he shouldn't become an escort, he was way too self centered in his sexual style. So much of it is in the headspace, isn't it? Of course, now that cynacism is in, though I try to avoid it, one is tempted to think that he had no intention of becoming an escort in the first place. Which reminds me of Hairy Pony. (Was that his name?) Which, in turn, leads me to wonder why this young cutie mentions that he has turned down several who wanted to be his first client? Another piece of advice might be "Shit or get off the pot.", but then that would be cynical of me, wouldn't it? ;-)
  11. Some people have said in the past that one way to start out with a mentor is to work for an agency. But there are people (myself included) who just don't work well in that situation. If you (unlike me) find it a good thing for you, perhaps you could find an agency that would allow you to work only their busiest nights each week? I definitely agree that you should go with a website instead of advertising in the gay papers. Even when you post hours, readers don't always pay any attention to them before calling you. (See that other current thread about all hours calls.) Whereas surfers who don't have your phone number have to email you, which you can read anytime during the day that it's convenient to you. You will, of course, want to get nude pictures made, either before or shortly after you open your site. You probably won't want to pay a photographer, at least right at first. Do you have friend(s) whom you would enjoy photographing you? This could be a catch in the plan. Or thinking about it might start a support group for you of friends who not only know you're in the business, but have actually helped you to get there.
  12. Here in Houston, it varies according to what part of the city you're in, but regular for 99.9 - 105.9 seems to be about the going rate.
  13. Well, not the only one, we all know, so I won't beat the horse or sing to the choir, how the reverse is problematic, how cavities or even periodontial disease (which can be inherited) can lead to complications with cum in the mouth, causing us to seek out those wonderful mint flavored condoms, of which I bought 100 just shortly before my entrapment, which means that instead of maybe one year now they'll last me, what, five or ten?
  14. Dear D, I think you could have said, "People always see what they want to see." It's the basis of theater - willing suspension of disbelief = people seeing what you tell them they want to see. Also of much of the romance of anything - including escorting. Kisses.
  15. Since I was directly addressed, I must apologize for taking so long to get back to y'all. Somebody else said it very well when he pointed out the large gap between a mainstream (what me might call legit) actor and a successful mainstream actor. Acting unions probably have the highest percentage of out of work members at any one time. Must be somewhere North of 70%, to be conservative. Of course no actor whose name you recognize will be escorting. He will be among the lucky few making his living acting. And there is such a gap between the haves and havenots that anyone making their living solely by acting is very likely well off enough that escorting would not appeal to them - minimal (comparatively) returns for maximum danger to his other income. When you add in the fact that the Majority of actors have to be only slightly more real or less attractive than models to make it in movies and have to be fairly young and agile to make it on Broadway (mostly musical gypsies), you come up with a lot of young hunksters without much income trying to make their big break with casting directors who don't care when you're supposed to be at work. When and where they want to interview you, they do. So it helps to be self employed so you can (basically) set your own hours and walk away to those rehearsals whenever you need to. So of course many new up and coming actors escort! And also of course any mainstream actor whose name or face you already recognize doesn't. Which leaves us the young whelps or the dreaming of times gone by when we could have hired today's well known. And, believe me, if I lived in NYC or LA, those young puppies could grace my dungeon just as often as I could afford them!
  16. Well, it is fairly well known that early on in his acting career Rupert Everet was a callboy in London.
  17. The BF and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant last night for dinner. Why do so many restaurant's have no soft surfaces in their decor for swallowing up some of the noise anymore? Well, we were treated as we often are there to a three or four piece Mariachi band in a fairly small room. We couldn't really hear each other during their songs. Convesation went zip nada. But it made me think of this thread. What a good place for some people to take their dates. If all you want to do during dinner is to smile and nod and ogle your companion's male beauty, why not take in a restaurant where you can't talk anyway? Of course I mean that as a joke. People who don't want brains in their escorts don't take them to dinner, do they?
  18. While the two disciplines are moving away from each other in many directions, they are also moving together in many. One point of intersection - computers and .... For example, for a theatrical lighting designer not to be able to work a computer is suicide anymore, a self imposed glass ceiling. It seems like most of the theaters (and other venues) which would employ a designer utilize computers to perform the many changes between lighting cues. And as another example, a musician who doesn't know how to use computers is doomed to dependence on other people to mix his music, etc.
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