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More than 1 Escort at a Time

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How many escorts have you hired at any one time? I'd like to try 2 but can't help but think how hot it would be to have a whole room of hot boys attentive to your needs.


Any recommends? Sean & Casey (and their boys) look particularly hot.

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Guest Friendlyguy

There's no one right answer.


I strongly approve of the idea of hiring two at once. In my opinion, the best result occurs when they have never met each other before -- but prove to be quite into each other. You might try choosing one, and letting him choose the other -- over the Web, or through his own agency, without ever meeting beforehand.


If they already know each other, their interactions often turn out to be quite perfunctory, and you often end up feeling excluded.


Bigger numbers of guys just represent a bigger risk. It's all a matter of chemistry. Just consider the amount of money you could fritter away on a roomful of folks who just want to go through the motions. If you do hit it right, of course, you have really hit the big time. But it's all a matter of chance.


You might try going through an agency like Maximum, which promises to work out all of the kinks of your fantasy ahead of time, with the benefit of their own seasoned experience.


Let us know what happens.

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Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated. Have you used maximum? Any pairs you recommend specifically in NY (or elsewhere, I travel a lot)? Where you know you won't feel "excluded" but they're into each other? Otherwise, I'll follow your suggestions! thanx

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Guest elwood

Matt..you are definitely right about Adrian and Blake..I have been with them twice and they are a great duo with awesome chemistry. What I think might be fantastic is to try Adrian and Blake and you at the same time,Matt :-)

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Guest Fin Fang Foom

It is crucial that you approve the two guys with each other. Alot of these guys know each other and don't even want to be in the same room with one each other - let alone bump uglies!

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Guest shadow

I had a very very fun time when I met with Brandon and Toby at premiere last summer.

Oh, the condoms we went through :)

Premiere seems like a great place to do duos and trios to me.


The best part is that you can do it at their location where they have all sorts of toys and "decorations" :)


What I like about Premiere is that if you can't decide which one guy you want to be with, have them all at the same time!!!


Their prices are VERY reasonable which is another plus of doing it with premiere.


Oh, the combinations I could come up with:

Avery with Toby with Scotty with Brandon with Brent with Ian with Tyler with Jared(who isn't on the page anymore) with etc.

The combinations are endless!!!!!!

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Guest george

If you are in LA call Michael Brandon, he has set up two separate

3-somes and both have been incredible! But first get some feedback into the looks, etc., of the 3rd guy, to make sure he's your type. It's a fun process...

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Guest AllAmerEscrt

>Matt..you are definitely right about Adrian

>and Blake..I have been with

>them twice and they are

>a great duo with awesome

>chemistry. What I think might

>be fantastic is to try

>Adrian and Blake and you

>at the same time,Matt :-)




Just let me know where to be and when. WOOF !!!!




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Guest Smoothee

IMHO, the best 3-ways are with 2 bf's who are attracted to each other & know each others' errogenous zones, but are also eager to explore outside the relationship. My experience with Rick Munroe & his partner Derek was perfect. Not only are they so obviously in love and turned on by each other, but they put all their energy & attention on me and they made me feel very sexy, and there was zero jealousy.

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I've only done one threeway (that I've paid for) and it was a blast. One of the guys was from out of town, and the other was a local favorite. They hit it off really well. (In fact, they said they were going to review each other, they had so much fun.)


I thought I was probably doing the wrong thing hiring two guys who had never met, but it sure did work out great!


As for me, having two versatile guys in bed with this top was a dream come true. I could take breaks while watching those two go at it, and then jump back in. (So to speak.)

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I have hired two escorts at one time on several occassions and also hired four at one time. The four was too many...they were all hot, but it was too much to really enjoy. Not any complaints about them, but my eyes were bigger than my stomach or my butt.


My favorite duo has been Gino Mancuso and Gabriel Cortes (no longer escorting) or Gino and Cole Davis. These guys work very well together and really focus on the client. They can range from vanilla to spice....naughty to nice.

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>Have you used



I used Maximum to act out a very specific and very detailed fantasy. }> (I even specified the kind of clothing -- right down to his socks and underwear -- that I wanted him to wear.) They went out of their way to accomodate me and my request. :-)(I only saw one guy.) I would use them again. (There were a few awkward moments. The escort asked for his money up front and -- despite admitting to have read my e-mail -- asked me to tell him what he wanted us to do together. That came dangerously close to solicitation, IMHO. But other than that there were no problems. The escort no longer works for them.)


>Any pairs you

>recommend specifically in NY


Rick Munroe and his boyfriend Derek Ross work separately and together. I've seen them both (separately). They're both very nice guys who just happen to be very good at what they do. There's several very favorable reviews of them as a team and I expect that they would make sure that a good time is had by all. :-)

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I agree with the friendly guy except for the question of the escorts knowing each other.


If they don't, there is the issue of their getting to know each other's limits and desires. If they do, all that is taken care of and they only worry about learning how to please you.


I have never found that guys familiar with each other are prefunctory. Actually, they tend to be even more attentive to me since they already have a relationship with the other guy.


(IMHO, it is only human nature for them to be worried about what the other guy thinks, even though they have been hired to attend to your needs.)



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RE: Three way


I have a great three way planned for next Wednesday in San Diego. I am bringing in the infamous Brett Silvers with Ted Stevens from San Diego. TED is an amazing bottom and Brett is an amazing top. So I can have the best of both worlds. ;-) Plus they both have the best time with ME !!! I'll let you know how it goes !!!

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Thanks Smoothee & Justice...

I am actually going to be branching out & doing duo work with guys other than Derek (although I do prefer it with my hottie bf).


I hooked up with Jason Coxx last week (he came over to help me set up my website but the only HTML we got around to was Humping-Tasting-Milking-Licking) and we now know that we have good chemistry. We're looking forward to teaming up professionally.


Tampa Yankee brought Matt of Vancouver & me together and I don't think the two of us would mind a repeat sometime soon. That boy has quite a dick and a hot mouth, too.


Gino Mancuso and I haven't hooked up yet but we are heading towards that & have said we'd like to work together, too, if we hit it off. We're both sure we will...and we've been working each other up online for a hot intro. Don't tell him I said this but he's a really sweet guy, too. :-)


Of course, I have a list of other guys with whom I'd love to work...either as tag team tops, bottoms, or whatever...and I think it would really be hot to have a client hire me with someone I don't know at all. I like surprises!

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Guest Jason Coxx

>the only HTML we got around to



Yeah Rick, that was really hot. However, you never did explain to me how you got that cow up those stairs and into your apartment without the landlord finding out:-)


Jason Coxx



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>you never did explain

>to me how you got

>that cow up those stairs


Easy. That "cow" was Cole Davis - he WALKED up. I'm kidding Cole baby - you know I love you.


Three-ways are great and I do at least 2 or 3 every week. If I'm asked to set it up, I'm very picky about who I work with though, and I do my homework. (Believe me, this site is a great resource for escorts, too!) I take pride in working hard to ensure my clients have a good time. When some do-me dud is lying there ignoring the client, I feel like I have to pick up the slack. I hate that.


I miss working with Gabriel. He was a real pro. He's doing great, by the way - he's back to a "real" job and is very happy. Hotter than ever, too. Look for him in Fallen Angels III coming soon to a theater near you.


Rick, we gotta rework our schedules and finally meet. The sexual tension is killing me. It would be so much easier if someone would just HIRE us together. Hint hint. Maybe Jason too? Sounds like a pretty tasty sandwich to me!


http://www.ginomancuso.com (new pics on the way...)

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LAST EDITED ON May-11-01 AT 09:16PM (EST)[p]>>I hooked up with Jason Coxx

>last week (he came over

>to help me set up

>my website but the only

>HTML we got around to

>was Humping-Tasting-Milking-Licking) and we now

>know that we have good



LOL! You guys have no choice -- you each have GOT to write of review of the encounter. }> ;-)

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Gino, you and Gabriel were always fantastic together. I wish

I brought you together more often, but such as life.


Over the years I come to realize that if you want a threesome,

it's best to let an escort you trust bring the find the third.

When you have a two escorts who turn each other on, it is so

much more enjoyable.



>I miss working with Gabriel.

>He was a real pro.

> He's doing great, by

>the way - he's back

>to a "real" job and

>is very happy. Hotter

>than ever, too. Look

>for him in Fallen Angels

>III coming soon to a

>theater near you.


>Rick, we gotta rework our schedules

>and finally meet. The

>sexual tension is killing me.

> It would be so

>much easier if someone would

>just HIRE us together.

>Hint hint. Maybe Jason

>too? Sounds like a

>pretty tasty sandwich to me!



>http://www.ginomancuso.com (new pics on the way...)


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I have always found this more exciting as a fantasy than a reality, but it is certainly better when the two have a history of working together well. The best I ever had was with Israel lovers who both were tops and liked to have a bottom to share. The worst were also lovers, but one was much less attractive than the other and obviously jealous, so I felt caught in someone else's drama. I also had a pair of small, dark brothers who looked almost like twins and shared a mysterious bond that made the experience eerie but fun, like something in a fairy tale. If you have more than two, you're really just throwing a party for them.

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>I have always found this more

>exciting as a fantasy than

>a reality,



>If you have more than

>two, you're really just throwing

>a party for them.



I strongly disagree. I have found, as I previously posted, that threesomes are great fun (see my reviews of Marcus & Bob in FL, Bob & Troy in FL, and Bill & Andy in CT).


If you let the two of them enjoy each other at your expence, you are being ripped off! They are they for your enjoyment, and watching can be enjoyment, too.

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