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  1. What is the reason for it being illegal? I've never quite understood that.
  2. RE: coming out of the oratorical closet >i would skip poppins and andrews >and go straight to: > >Handel's "Missa en tempore belli". Harnoncourt >is best. > >just a thought, >jizz Yeah, but you have to admit, no one can do it like Homer..
  3. >...I'm not musical, so I didn't >want to comment and expose >my ignorance... > >: ) Many years ago, Julie Andrews perfoemd this song (in Mary Poppins I believe??) DOE..a deer, a female deer RAY..a drop of golden sun ME..a name I call myself FA..a long long way to run SEW..a needle pulling thread LA..a note to follow sew TEA.. a drink with jam and bread and that brings us back to DOE! Each word represents one of the musical letters
  4. I received this from an online friend and thought you guys would enjoy it. DOE RE MI BEER, By Homer J. Simpson. DOUGH... the stuff...that buys me beer... RAY..... the guy that sells me beer... ME...... the guy... who drinks the beer, FAR..... the distance to my beer SO...... I think I'll have a beer... LA...... La la la la la la beer TEA..... no thanks, I'm drinking beer... That will bring us back to...(Looks into an empty glass) D'OH!
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