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Estimated over/under how long this profile lasts? - 411 Drew_Joness


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53 minutes ago, LA90046 said:

My gut says the RM profile is just there to drive traffic to his IG and OF.

Looks so manufactured/fake.

If you look at his instagram there is only one other profile that "likes" the photo's and that insta has no other activity.

And on his/"its" intsta there are absolutey no comments at all.

He doesn't have at least any friends or family?  Hahaha.

Sorry i brought it up

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My spidey senses are tingling. Striking resemblance to this guy advertising in Redondo Beach: 


View my profile on RentMasseur.com

To me, these pictures are AI generated results of JerryDeep/Deepjerry: https://www.companyofmen.org/search/?q=Jerrydeep&quick=1 - to which I’ve met years ago in NYC that was a bait and switch to Stongtim with a overpromised and under-delivered experience. Mediocre massage, no MT and self administered HE. The professionalman ad reviews does mention Jerry. I could be completely wrong, but just in case FYI…..

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This definitely reeks of sock puppet.

The Instagram account in the ad comprises a bunch of photos all uploaded within ~1 month in June/July 2023 but for one grainy photo from February 2014 (why does this photo looks like its ca. 1980s? we all had digital cams back then). Also, clearly AI has trouble with nipples.

There is also "Kris Bes Malestrip" on Facebook. Says "lives in Buffalo, NY". I don't have a FB account so can't access this gem.

All said, I wouldn't mind seeing this guy in some good AI-generated man-on-man porn.

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