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Aging Performers


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Recently I saw Frankie Valli on the PBS Special about the Four Seasons. There he was, in front of an orchestra with four singers behind him giving justice to his music. It did appear that Frankie was singing along as well, but his mouth did not match very well. No way was he hitting those high notes. He was hardly moving his body, and his mouth moved about a half an inch. But, hey, he's 88 years old! The audience seemed quite happy with his limited role, and ultimately, I was too. I have always liked him and the Four Seasons.

Then today I watched Tom Cruise play Maverick in Top Gun, a sequel to the 1986 movie Top Gun. Problem is, Cruise turned 60 last week. Now I can't say he looks 60 in the movie, but he doesn't look 30 either. It's a mediocre movie. Probably time for Tom to take on older roles.

What? You say Mick Jagger is still performing at 79? guess he is still trying to get satisfaction. A life's effort!

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1 hour ago, samhexum said:

Considering that Sweden never went into Covid lockdown and had a much higher death rate than neighboring countries, I'm just thrilled that these septuagenarians are still around and looking decent and that they sounded so good after 40 years.

ABBA Joined By Kylie And Keira Knightley At Star-studded Voyage Premiere -  Public News Time

Thankfully Covid did not prove to be their Waterloo.


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Quite a few years back, at least 10 maybe 15, I got comps for Wayne Newton.  While I knew nothing about him except that he used to be Mr. Las Vegas a looooooong time ago, I figured what da heck, why not.

His show was at times great, other times cringe.  The cringe was that the poor guy had completely lost his voice.  He had done so many shows over his long career that overperforming wrecked his voice.  Plus he never gave his voice a much needed rest because even on all his "vacations," he would perform on USO tours.  During the show, forget hitting a note, at times his voice would go silent, unable to produce any note at all.  Dunno if the voice-less former headliner was desperate for the spotlight or desperate for money (a long list of financial woes).

The great parts were his stories.  Newton had come to Las Vegas as a 15yo with his brother but without their parents.  He got a contract, stuck it out through some tough times, and eventually became the Strip's highest-grossing entertainer.  In the early days, his voice got so worn out from doing 6 shows a night(!) that he had to teach himself to play a bunch of different instruments just to give his voice a rest.  He talked about the old days -- the mob, Elvis, the Rat Pack -- a lot of super-entertaining stories from a guy who had been through it all. 

As sad as it was to see a singer who could no longer sing, I was still glad I saw his show.  Maybe that's easy to say when you didn't pay for the tickets, LOL.

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I recently saw a trailer for an awful looking super hero movie called SHAZAM, featuring 77 year old Helen Mirren garbed in some spandex super-hero looking costume. I know she 'looks good for her age' but she looked ridiculous here. Cringeworthy, actually.

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