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Where can I find gloryhole action?

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.....in NYC and Chicago? 

I've tried several websites, but it's impossible to know whether they're updated, or showing 2002 info.

Please help.   (-:

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Used to be one only had to go to the adult book stores in Houston and you had unlimited glory holes.  I stopped as the cops ran sting operations from time to time and did not want to chance it. I bet some of them are still around but have not checked in years. 

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crusingforsex.com use to be a good free source for hook up locations including glory holes.  I don't think it's getting updated as much lately but you might want to try there.  They also have a lot of user comments with "heads up" that let you know of places with increased police presence and busts.

If you just enjoy using a glory hole some bath houses have play areas with them.  Also many gay campgrounds will have spots with glory holes which can be fun.  Both are safe experiences with a public feel but you won't be arrested if caught, in fact it's encouraged!

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