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This is a subject on which I can find no peace. Why is it that I can be in a crowd of 100 gay men at the gym, not be interested in a single one of them, yet have my hormones go into overdrive when one individual shows up? I start to think of the defining characteristics that make him so appealing, and then I go to Starbucks and my hormones get all worked up by someone who looks completely different.


Sometimes I think I cannot be gay because there are so few men to whom I am attracted, but that's still more than the number of women.


I guess if I just take them one at a time, I'll figure out what to do when the available pool (or the money) runs out.


Has anyone else figured this out? What percentage of men attract you?

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I don't know what gym you're going to, but if not one guy in 100 arouses you at the gym, there may be something physiologically wrong. You may wish to get examined by your physician and get a free/total testosterone level checked. As an FP, I do come across medical reasons for low libido not too uncommonly. Of course, you could just be crazy. :p :+

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Guest zipperzone

>This is a subject on which I can find no peace. Why is it

>that I can be in a crowd of 100 gay men at the gym, not be

>interested in a single one of them,


Just Lucky, I guess.....

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I discovered years ago that when I am in the right mood (hormones? full moon? aphrodisiacs?), I am attracted to a high percentage of the men around me, regardless of their ages, physical characteristics or personalities. When I am not in the right mood, a roomful of top escorts would make me yawn. I used to be in the right mood a lot more often when I was young, when I would be ready to do the whole bathhouse or sex club (at a party in Baltimore when I was 22, I took on eight guys, and came with every one of them). Now the mood only strikes me occasionally, and usually at an inopportune time, such as riding on a subway car or sitting in a doctor's waiting room.

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I'd like to know why you go to Starbucks? Koffee is much better and the back seating area is much nicer. As for the gym maybe because it's people you see on a regular basis.





http://seaboy4hire.tripod.com http://www.daddysreviews.com/newest.php?who=greg_seattle


Chicago Oct 26, 2007.

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Funny you shold mention that. I went to Koffee the other day for the first time. It is clearly a popular gay hangout, and you never saw such perfect white teeth. The coffee was pretty good, too.


You make a good point about the gym...I have seen the regulars over and over. It's the new ones that catch the eye.


But Greg, Mr. Escort, what percentage of men attract you? Let's even leave out the business and partnership issues and ask the question in general...

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In regard to attraction, several months ago I was waiting on a corner in Chelsea for the return home of two wayward escorts. I decided that while I waited, I would try and find something attractive about every man that passed by me. Once I found one thing, it was off to the next man. Now Chelsea is an area populated with attractive gay men, so many of the passers-by were easily found to have an attractive feature, but others were more difficult. After awhile, it became easier and easier to find something attractive about each man as it became more clear where to look. Walking with a cane, check out the forearms, older men check out the eyes, younger men check out just about anything. More than 200 men passed by while I waited and I managed to find at least one attractive feature in each.

So while you may not find the whole package appealing, there is always, at least, a small gem among the dross.

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I think in a sea of nameless faces you are

simply looking for someone special that you

can share a connection with. For a lot of

people there's an emotional element to it,

not just a physical one.


Also, for me, no matter how cute the guys

are, if they all look the same and have tight

spandex or short shorts and have a shirt on

that says something like "pound me harder biatch"

..that is also a big turnoff. Makes the place feel

like a used car lot :O)



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