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Sports Memorabilia

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Who knew that my baseball card collection would someday be worth a fortune except for my having thrown it away? I once had a baseball autographed by several big players, including Jim Bunning, who threw a no-hitter for the Detroit Tigers and later became a nutty Senator from Kentucky. I used the ball to play baseball.


Now I am desperately hoarding my last bit of sports memorabilia- it's the only video that exists of Joe Montana praying at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Seriously! Don't you think that this is an important part of his history that some crazed Montana fan would pay millions for? Should I auction it off on E-Bay?


First I had better check and see if I didn't tape an episode of The Simpsons over it...


What memorabilia are you keeping?

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I think Charlie opened the topic beyond sports so I will mention I am keeping 2-3 autographed books by people I actually knew or know. They will never be worth any thing to anyone except me but you might recognize one: "Half Luck, Half Brains" by Kemmons Wilson, the founder of Holiday Inns.


Best regards,


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I was a marshall at the 1967 Canadian Open Golf Tournament at the Royal Montreal Golf Club which was a big deal because it was Canada's centenary celebrations and the purse was huge. Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus came as did all the other great golfers of the day. We had these safari hats to wear which were made out of stryofoam and I got mine signed by the above golfers. Unfortunately when I went away to college the hat got lost and that was the only sports memorabilia I could lay claim to since I don't really watch much sports at all.


I did get tossed out of a Canadien hockey game at the Montreal Forum back in the glory days of the '60's when they won 7 or so Stanley Cups practically in a row but that was for excessive drinking and throwing ice cubes at the crowd below from the Directors' box at the Forum. No momentos though from that experience! :+

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RE: Memorabilia


I don't collect sports stuff but here's some things I'm not giving away any time soon:


[li]"Hello Dolly" poster signed by Carol Channing after her 1,999th Broadway performance as Dolly.


[li]Original 78 rpm records of Al Jolson from "The Jazz Singer".


[li]Approximately 50 addition albums of 78 rpm records from about 1912.


[li]A Victrola player for the above mentions records.


[li]Several older guns including a WW I Eddystone rifle (with bayonet) and a WW II Mauser rifle. Both have original ammo.


[li]First edition of "For Women Only" (a magazine of nude men marketed to women in the late '70s).



And my latest addition of collectible stuff:


[li]First edition of the 2008 "Men on a Mission" calendar of ex-Mormon Missionaries. :7

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