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On the cover of a magazine

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Today at work there is one of the most if not most beautiful covers of Life I've ever seen! Grace Kelly is gracing her ever beautiful and statuesque (sp) self on this months issue. I have to admit I haven't really seen any pics of her (I know BAD gay) and I was totally in awe of her beauty both in her younger days and even when she was older. I'd encourage y'all to pick up an issue just for the pics alone.





http://seaboy4hire.tripod.com http://www.daddysreviews.com/newest.php?who=greg_seattle


Indianapolis Sept. 26, Memphis Sept 28-30, 2007

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I'm old enough to remember when Grace Kelly married her prince and also vividly recall the day she died, as I was living in Europe at the time and she was local star material (of course she had to contend with Sofia Loren and Audrey Hepburn and other assorted retired movie actresses). This summer I read a biography of her life and was shocked somewhat to learn that the fairy-tale life she apparently led was just that and that she did not live happily thereafter. But she was a gracious lady and lovely to look at. She also gave the Grimaldi's more class than they ever had before she married their son. It's hard to believe she's been dead almost 25 years.

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>I'm not interested enough to check this out, but Judy, of all

>people, was nominated for an Oscar?


A Star is Born, her big tour de force comeback triumph. She had been fired by MGM and everyone thought she was washed up until this movie came out and she blew everyone away. All the big stars of the time sent Judy their condolences after she lost, because they all thought it should have been hers. The most famous was Groucho Marx's telegram, in which he said it was "the greatest robbery since Brink's."


Btw, I do not know these things because I am gay. My father, a major hetero, was a big Judy, Diana and Barbra fan when I was a kid (he's currently more into hip-hop and no, I am not kidding). :p



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