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My "pics" of the day

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We know who the pix are - WHEN DO I GET MY TB HAT?


there's evidently plenty of "TB" to go around for all of us:



Well guys here's the story about the hat. Ironically in Florida you see most people wearing the baseball caps from where they are either visiting from or from where they originally came from. In my area the closest spring training team is the Boston Red Sox so one tends to see quite a few of those as well Though to be fair one sees some NY Yankee hats as well since many have relocated here from the NY metropolitan area.


Well a few weeks ago I saw something that is a bit of a rarity... a guy wearing a Tampa Bay Rays cap. BINGO! A light bulb flashed in my brain! I went to a number of local shops and zip, zero, nada!!! Not a one to be seen. I then decided to order one online and for some reason I put two in my basket and before I could rectify things the order was shipped. Now I could have easily returned it postage free, but I really liked the look of the hat and since Tampa Bay is the closest team to my area and I am an American League fan I decided to keep it.


The rest as they say is history... and regarding the avatar.... I can't take credit for that other than cropping it to fit the space allotted and obliterating the details of the "other" guy. Needless to say, the master photographer was the great one himself. He definitly has a knack for not only snapping pics, but for filming with his phone as well! Just another of his many talents.


Interestingly I was going to change my avatar as I tend to mix things up every so often, but I'll give it a few more days prior to doing so since it seems that y'all seem to enjoy getting that mini fix of TB.

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