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DL FF program

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Because the whole "rewards" system is a pile of crap and has been for over 10 years.?


My favorite is when they try to force me to either fly through 3 different cities...

or charge me triple the rate to book a direct flight to the same city.


Ass wipes.


If anything it costs them more to land/take off 2 more times.....

but they know people will waste miles to avoid it.....so they win

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Can any one explain why an award Business Class ticket SYD-LAX-SYD on QF, AA, UA and VAX is generally under 200,000 miles and DL wants 750,000? Thanks and cheers!

I am going to take a guess and suggest DL might have higher demand than supply on that route and are trying to discourage you from using frequent flyer miles to pay for it. Remember, they are called "loyalty" programs, not "rewards" programs. They lure you into being a loyal customer and then make it difficult to redeem the reward.

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It sounds like "Thanks for your business. Now fuck off!"

You're right Unicorn, that is how they come across.


I don't travel enough to just collect miles from every airline and hope to be able to use them. As a result of reading this thread I would not join Delta's program, I would put any DL flights on my Virgin Australia account. I look at the best value for money for redeeming miles. With QF that appears to be using them for short domestic flights and points upgrades on long haul flights. (I used 18k points to go from flexible economy to premium economy - about what was business class standard 10 years ago - from LA to Melbourne. It would have been 45k to go to business.) In paying for tickets I look at how it contributes to my airline status and will pay a slight premium if it helps that. If a long haul flight will give me enough points to have a free short haul flight that's enough to sway me.


Long story short, look at what your FF programs offer, don't assume that long haul flights give you the best return for your points (although they may in fact do that), and remember that the airlines are not your friends!

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