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411 on Hunter Lee in FL

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To each their own. I think he looks great.

Further, the content of his RM profile and web site tells me that he's a professional who takes what he does seriously with no crazy flakiness - he 'gets it' like a real pro.

Putting aside the aesthetics, my gut feeling is that if I were to meet him that the time would be spent 100% focused on me and meeting my preferences.


I'll take that over a texting, muscle-bound narcissistic porn-star any day.

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His pics look very airbrushed and photoshopped and yet he still looks pretty ugly to me... don't know how he gets away with those rates... very average looking.


since joining the forum -- yesterday -- the majority of your posts have been negative.....


we're glad to have helpful members here, but if you want to ingratiate yourself here with the forum, friendlier posts may help at first.......wait several months before you become a jaded grouch :rolleyes:;)

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